Wednesday, November 18

Messy, messy, messy!

If I could summarize motherhood into one word it would be MESSY!

Right now, we have just finished dinner and here is a round-up of the situation here:

Our nine month old is still sitting in her high-chair, peas smeared all over her face, hands, bib, tray and in her hair, from rubbing her grubby hands there!

There are crayons, unfinished milk, a half-eaten cookie, an old cup of coffee, and dirty placemats on the table.

There is an old bottle, a jacket, one sock and diaper cream on the counter next to the kitchen sink.

There is an upside down car seat (thanks to two-year old play), a vinyl tunnel, an old bottle, a diaper bag and blocks on the floor in the dining room, (in lieu of dining room furniture which perhaps we'll buy when we're not spending over $100 a month on diapers, formula and baby food!)

There is an entire basket of toys (which I picked up before naptime) strewn all over the living floor...again! Along with a book, a CD, a teddy bear, the cover to a DVD, a pillow and a blanket and there is ANOTHER finished bottle laying on the couch.

Leftovers from dinner are still on the stove, dishes still in the sink, and speaker wires running all around the living floor (a project hubby hasn't finished because the evenings get so chaotic.)

My shirt is on inside out.

I won't begin to comment on the situation upstairs in the bedrooms.

And this is relatively clean compared to other nights!

Oh, bless the mess. It's no fun to be clean anyway!

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