Wednesday, December 9

PJ Day

It's 7:05 p.m and Ava and I are still in our pajamas...I emphasize still because we have been in the same pajamas since we woke up at 7:30 this morning (as opposed to having already put them on for the evening, which is what normal people do!). I know moms always joke about this sort of thing...not changing their clothes, but I have to admit in 2 1/2 years this is the first time I've actually ended up in them ALL day. Fortunately I'm meeting a friend for a margarita tonight or I fear I might not find the energy to change at all!

The best part is that when Scott called me on his way home from work at 6:15 and I told  him Ava and  I still had our pj's on he said, "Oh wow. I took Ava's pajamas out of the dirty laundry last night and wiped egg off of them."


So why are we still in our pajamas? It's been a nutty day. Kids crying, sugar spilled all over the floor, and a hopeful attempt at a gingerbread house that ended up in a bag by the garbage can after the roof slid off and the walls collapsed.

And why do I bother sharing this? Just in case some other poor momma, who has been in her pajamas all day, and is thinking, "Really, is this what it has come to?"  reads this and finds an answer to her question."Yes, this is what it has come to, but no you are not alone!"

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