Sunday, September 26

Have You LOVED Your Husband Today?

I find that the longer we are married and the further we get into doing this thing called 'life' together, the easier it is to take for granted our marriages and our spouses and not do the things we should do to love one another. Do you feel that too? 

The girls will be up any minute so my words need to be few this morning, but here is what prompted this thought...

I crawled out of bed at about 7:15 hoping, praying, PLEADING with God that my children would sleep long enough for me to creep downstairs, have a hot cup of coffee, read something uplifting and maybe even blog a bit! 

It is Sunday morning and while I LOVE Sunday mornings, they have changed a bit in our house these last couple of weeks. It used to be that we all got up and it was a team effort to get the girls dressed, fed and out the door. That has not been the case lately. 

Scott recently made the worship band at our church...(my little rockstar guitar guy!)...which is WONDERFUL beyond wonderful for him. Truly, I'm pumped for him. We just started attending a rather large church less than a year ago. A church so large that while Scott's passion and heart to be able to play worship music within it were HUGE we had our doubts that it would happen because the church is so huge...meaning they likely have LOTS of talent at their disposal and Scott is on the newer side of being a guitar playing guy! 

Seriously, when God wants to use your talents He opens doors like you would not believe! I could write an entire post about this and perhaps I will another day...BUT...while I've pounded, and kicked, and scratched on doors to find writing gigs and try to get published...Scott seems to just tap and then waltz through like the door has been open and waiting for him all along....I don't GET IT! 

But really I do. 

It's like I said, when God wants to use someone's heart and skills HE paves the way....

So, back to this morning...

Guitar Guy...aka gone by 7:15 which means wife of guitar guy has two little (CRAZY and energetic) kiddos to feed, clothe and get in the car and off to church (with underwear on!!! wink. wink.) on her own...this makes Sundays not so peaceful sometimes...and can turn my attitude just slightly sour if  I'm not careful....

So, this morning, I came downstairs for coffee and saw this....and went GRRRRRRR. (that's my crabby bear grumble!). 

And my mind went like this...

"My morning would be MUCH nicer if there wasn't a sink full of dishes from the apple crisp making extravaganza in the kitchen last night (apple crisp that I had no part in making or eating)!!! GRRRRRRR!!!" 

(hold on...before you go throwing know you have ALL had thoughts like this!)

And then, convienantly, Scott came walking back through the kitchen to grab his coffee before heading out the door.

"You know how you asked what would make Sunday mornings easier when you have to leave?" I said.

"Uh huh."

 "Well...(with a passive aggressive joking but not joking grin I raised my eyebrows towards the sink)...Not having a big sink full of gross dishes. He. He."

"Oh, honey. Sorry. I know. I promise I'll do them later," Scott said.

That was really it. I grabbed my coffee to go sit down and pray (and you're thinking...yup...that girl needs to PRAY!) and Scott was about to walk out the door. 

And then the holy spirit had something to say.

"Yo. Lisa. Is that the kind of wife you want to be?"


I set my coffee down...turned towards they door...

"Hey. Honey. Just wanted you to know that I'm really excited for you to play guitar today. I hope you have a great time. Good luck. I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks babe." he said with a huge grin on his face as he leaned forward to give me a kiss.

"And really, the dishes are not a big deal. Sorry about that."

 I helped him carry his stuff out to the car. 

Simple moment. Simple change. Big impact. 

Changed my heart. Changed his morning.

Thanks holy spirit. I needed that. 

If you can't hear the holy spirit reminding you let this post serve as your reminder (and then open your ears because HE always has something to say!) LOVE your husbands today. They deserve it.

(by the's 8:15 and my children are still sleeping...miracle of miracles! God may not be swinging doors open to the publishing world, but he helped my girls sleep a little longer this morning so I'd have time to the dishes...HAPPILY....pretty cool, huh?!).


  1. Lisa. Thank you for your post today. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for the ways you love our God and his Holy Spirit. Otherwise I would have had to do the dishes! You're an amazing woman. I love you. -your husband

  2. Enginerd husband oh mine is outside working with wood. He is making a cabinet for himself and this project has taken every bit of free time on the weekends and most weekdays when he has been home lately. I have been more than a little bit annoyed with the time and attention I would rather have spent on me, spent outside, alone, making tons of loud noise. But I have been convicted lately about how much he loves doing this, and it's not like he always runs off alone.

    I too have had to change my perspective and outlook and give him the benefit of time. After all, he'll come inside once the sun is down and there is no more light to work with. :)

    Thank you for this. It's good to know I'm not alone. Also thank you for stopping by my diary blog and leaving a comment. It cracks me up to know you found me. Did you find the main page? I put a link to the diary and didn't tell anyone about it. So it's kinda an easter egg of a blog spot. :) I do hope you come back by some time.

  3. Great post, can relate :)

  4. We got to watch Scott Sunday morning via the internet and I am SO proud of him! I am in love with your new pastor and plan on watching him regularly every Sunday. I'm so proud of you too for being able to support him and love him like you do. Remember that YOU make it possible for him to be able to do this amazing thing that fills him with such happiness.

    Every moment of every day we have a choice about how we choose to react to situations that come up in life. While they're not always easy to deal with if we just turn to God and really listen to Him, just like you said, he'll let us know!

    As usual, thanks for the laughs that you always manage to sneak in there! I'm always looking for a reason to laugh!



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