Wednesday, June 27

What I DID DO Wednesday- Round 3

What I DID DO Wednesdays is a chance to relish in all you DID accomplish on a given day in the past week no matter how small (think jumping in puddles with your 3 year old son).

We're going to try this out every Wednesday for the summer. I hope that some of you jump in too!

Whether you have a blog or not, jot down everything you DID do today (or yesterday, or tomorrow!). It will make you feel just a little bit better about yourself...I promise! 

If you're feeling courageous I'd love for you to either leave a comment listing all that you DID do today (or yesterday...or any day from the last week you can remember the details of!), or write your DID DO's up in a blog post and link up below...either way is great!

My list for Tuesday, June 26th

-Finished a piece for an online community blog site that I occasionally contribute to. This was big for me-- I started working on the piece weeks ago and have been so distracted/busy that I've had a hard time finishing it...felt good to finish the piece and email along before leaving for vacation!

-Frantically cleaned up the kitchen and started flinging things into a big pile in our living room-- it was the "packing pile". You know the pile of bags and suitcases that are partially packed and all stacked together in your living room that you just start launching things on top of that you don't want to forget.

-Got Ava and Ella dressed and off to  their first of six summer dance sessions (they've never taken danced and I figured this was a good way to "test the waters" without committing to a whole year with costumes and recitals). Loved the idea...didn't anticipate the first class falling on the day we were supposed to leave for Florida! 

-Fed the girls on the road, picked up a cheap backpack from Wal-Mart for Disney (a backpack my husband is making fun of me about because a) it's from Wal-Mart which means that b) it's not tough or very cool to carry around. It was $9 and the perfect size, which to me is a win win! 

-Snuck in a quick bit of shut eye (20 minutes)

-Got up and packed the piles from the floor, started the dishwasher, watered the garden and loaded the car. 

-Successfully made it to the airport and through security by 4:15 for a 5:30 flight!

-8:15-- Successfully landed in Orlando and it actually was NOT raining. Yay! 

10:15- we finally get checked into our hotel

11:00- finally get two tired girls to bed

12:00 a.m.- finally fall asleep myself and get ready for 3 days of crazy fun with my girls, husband and mother in law! 

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