Tuesday, December 3

How About Some Chicken Soup? A Giveaway!

Many of you know I had the delightful opportunity to be published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book earlier this year. Yay!

The official title of the book is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Wives (you can check it out here on Amazon).

It's a super sweet book full of short, but really encouraging stories written by 101 women (myself included!) on all sorts of topics relating to being a wife.
The whole thing has been such a great experience.

I submitted this story last February, when I had a little bit more time to write because Miss Aubreycakes was tucked safely away in my belly while I tapped away on my laptop at Starbucks and the girls were in school (haha! those were the days!).

So, as you can imagine, it was quite exciting to hear from them shortly after Aubrey was born to say that the piece would be appearing in the book which would be published in September.

Ironically, a sweet friend of mine (Amelia Rhodes) who I met at the Festival of Faith and Writing several years ago was also featured in the book. Neither of us knew that we both had stories in the book until that email came out and we posted our delight about being featured on Facebook. This was Amelia's second Chicken Soup appearance and she will be featured in a third book early next year (Great job Amelia!).

(As an aside, while I'm telling you all about Amelia, you should know that she wrote a very sweet and encouraging book about friendship, fellowship, community and relationships, and the importance of it in our lives. That book is called Isn't it Time for a Coffee Break? You should definitely check it out (I reviewed it back in January.  You can read my review here).

So, back to the Chicken Soup devotional...

What I love about the Chicken Soup brand is that they continue to publish sweet, inspiring, positive stories about people and life. They are a little bit of light in an often gloomy world.  And there is something for everyone (wives, daughters, mothers, runners, writers, dog lovers, musicians…you name it and there is probably a book related to it!).

What I also love about them is that they are a large enough company and brand that they do a pretty good job of marketing their books and materials and hire folks to work on marketing for each of their books. Their marketing gal did such a great job that my small, local, community newspaper, without ever a word from me, ended up calling and asking if she could interview me and wrote up the sweetest little piece in the paper.

I confess...I was a little bit embarrassed at first.  I mean, I didn't write a BOOK after all...it was just a teensy weensy little story.  But honestly, the writer did such a great job that it ended up being a really great experience and a very sweet piece focused more on the challenges of trying to fit writing into my life as a mom (very true indeed!) than anything else.

A friend of mine even told me later that her sister bought a copy of the paper to give to one of her friends who is also a mom with a desire to write, but who hasn't had a ton of time to devote to it-- she thought the story would encourage her and inspire her.

Honestly, that made it all worth it!

I'm just a momma, etching out some words when I can and hoping to encourage other women and mothers in the process. If any little thing I say can be an encouragement to someone else I count that as a blessing and thank God for it.

I also have an extra copy of the book to give away! Yay!

If you'd like to be entered to win a copy of the book just leave a comment below (make sure your name is in the comment section so I know who you are!).

For an extra chance to win you can:

Like my "Little Writer Momma" page on Facebook (click on the FB flag at the top of this page) and leave me a comment either there or here letting me know you've done that.


Lastly, I'd love to get my Google Connect Friend number over 50...that #48 has been staring me in the face forever!! (Not that it REALLY matters...but you know...). So if you click on "join/connect" there and let me know I'll enter your name into the drawing an extra time!

I will draw a winner on Friday night and announce it here on Saturday morning!

I'm also going to post my devotional story from the book on Thursday...so check back if you'd like to read my story about making Scott peanut butter and jelly.

Yes, that is ACTUALLY what the story is about. I told you it was a silly little story! Stop back on Thursday to read all about it (:

While we're on the topic I haven't told many people this yet, but I have a second story coming out in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dating Game. The book is due to be released in just a couple of weeks on December 24th!

It's kind of funny, after ten years of marriage, to think about having a story included in a book called The Dating Game, but it is the story of how Scott and I met (I was his waitress) and I HAD to submit it! I'll share more about that next month after it comes out (:


  1. Congratulations Lisa!! How exciting! I like seeing your face here since I couldn't see you at Allume this year! (it's Lani, btw)

  2. Oh, and I do like your facebook page!! :)

  3. Awesome!! I collect the Chicken Soup books, I'd love to see yours!! And it's kind of my secret dream to be published in there too, you'll have to tell me the secret! :) I'm entering to win and I'll head over to connect with you on Google+ too!

  4. I am just so happy for you, Lisa!!! I hope this is a sweet reminder to you to keep writing. Thankful for you!!!

    1. Oh, and I got you to 49!!! But I can't add a picture for some reason. Oh, well!


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