Wednesday, May 5

Almost Wordless Wednesday: A few photos of my Crazy Girls!

Truly, I love that my daughter's personalities are starting to emerge, and personality do they both have! These girls are both spirited, energetic, emotional, creative, funny, charming, sensitive and loving, but both with a different make-up of all of those things so that they are each quite unique in their vibrant personalities. 

I think one of my favorite parts about being a mother is watching their personalities unfold. As we move forward, I believe, it also becomes a great responsibility. A responsibility to pay attention and to nurture their God given gifts and also to parent appropriately to their sensitivities and needs. 

For now, here are a few pictures that I felt capture the spirit of my girls....

...And, also explain why I'm so tired at the end of the day! 

(Ella is a climber through and through. She climbs EVERYTHING...often while I've run to tend to her sister for something. Like this...No, I don't typically allow her to climb in my dishwasher...I ran into the living room to help Ava for about 2 minutes, leaving the dishwasher open and there she was!)

(As if the climbing weren't enough for her curious little brain!)

(The facial expression on these two say it all!)

(Climbing yet again...we've been working on the kitchen, which explains the step stool and the open cabinets below!)

(Ava loves a princess dress and dancing!)

(And, she also LOVES to get dirty. This was at a country club Easter brunch if you can believe it. Skirt on and all, she found her eggs and plopped right down in the nearest pile of dirt to check them out. That's my girl!)

(This is how Ava usually approaches her's a new take on "tough" love I think"

(When I found Ella she was actually pulling her legs out of this drawer opening...she had put the entire bottom part of her body in there!)

(Since my sister has been nursing her new baby, Ava has taken a new interest. She said, "Mommy, kitty is hungry and I have to feed her right now." She plopped right now in her chair and put the towel over the top of kitty!)

(As our infamous McDonalds trip last week!)

(This picture completely captures Ava! Princess dress, printed jacket and pink crocs climbing up the "rock wall" holds on her swingset! Good form if I do say so myself. Her father is proud!)

Hope you enjoyed! 


  1. Love, love, love seeing pictures of these two! Brightens my day like very few other things can! I miss you all so much! Two-and-a-half weeks!!!

  2. Those pictures are priceless. My Elijah was a climber. For two years I had to put everything up on top shelves. It looked like a bunch of giants lived in my house. My favorite picture of him is when I found him crouching on a shelf in the pantry with his binky in his mouth, right there next to the cereal and the gatorade.

    Treasure these years. I know they are hard and long...but that's precisely why God made little children so stinking cute!! :)



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