Friday, February 18

Junk Drawer No More

I've been beating myself up for not posting very often lately...I guess that's the catch 22 when you're a "mommy blogger": your very topic, motherhood, poses severe challenges to the time and attention that it actually takes to write about said and motherhood.

Oh well.

That's what I say to a lot of things these days. Oh. Well.

That said, I do find that it is easier to post pictures of what we are up to sometimes, so that is what I'm doing today. Today's project: tackle the junk drawer!

The organizer who came to my house twice this past month joked with me that drawers, in general, are junk collectors. I suppose that is where we all came up with the term "junk" drawer.

This morning I decided I was going to get a couple of baskets and empty everything from our two, side by side, junk drawers into the baskets and sort through it all.

What did I find? The typical junk drawer stuff: office supplies, batteries, kitchen cabinet hardware, balloons, hair clips, cough drops,  tubes of lipstick, chap stick, lip gloss, post it notes, pens, pencils, misc. crayons, children's scissors, 7 things of scotch tape ( so THAT's where it all got off too!!!), old coupons, childproof outlet covers, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Here is my pile of stuff on the counter after I pulled it out of the drawer!

The scary part. That's not all of it.


I sorted, and threw out, and put things in their proper homes.

I realized a LOT of the stuff in the junk drawer did not belong in the junk drawer. Surprise. Surprise.

Here is the final outcome of our drawers for your viewing pleasure.

The KEY is that EVERYTHING you put in the drawer needs to have a "home", not just be strewn about in every which direction. 

I realize this is not particularly titillating, inspiring or profound...but hey, as I mentioned earlier, such is the life of a mom. This was a shining moment today. 

And, if it inspires you to clean one drawer in your house I will feel that it has been a post well written. 


  1. Wooohoo! That looks beautiful, Lisa! I've been doing the same exact thing in our home. Starting with one drawer/cupboard a day, more if I'm feeling motivated. The boys give me a healthy amount of motivation, too, since they can OPEN all of these drawers and throughly enjoy throwing everything out! Yes. The glamorous life of a mom.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thanks for cleaning hun. I know Ella will appreciate it next time she's looking for something to play with!


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