Tuesday, January 24

No Nap No News

Want to know why I don't write a whole lot of blog posts about the girls crazy days any more...

If you guessed that it's because they don't have crazy days any more, you'd be...wrong!

I'm sure you weren't thinking that anyway...not with these girls.

Nope. I don't write here a whole lot anymore because instead of finding that I have more and more time as they get older, I have less and less...especially since Ella decided to put the nix on her napping...

That's right, with the end of the binky era came the end of the nap era...apparently naps were only appealing when there was a piece of suckable rubber to accompany them...Sigh.

So, little Miss Ella who is not even 3 has not been napping for a good two to three months now...that means mommy doesn't have a whole lot of down time during the day.

Not only is she not napping, but they go to bed earlier (like 8:15) and Ella is typically up by 7:15...which means the time I used to get in the morning to pray and read and write...well, it's been significantly shortened...

What's a momma to do?

Keep on keeping on, I suppose.

So, life is still crazy here... I still wonder if we own a zoo rather than a home on many days...

Here are a few pictures in lieu of the words I have no time to write...

Ava had a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party at school...that is her teacher holding the cake, and then Ava getting ready to pray before we ate cake!

Ella got two stickers from the doctor's office...most kids put them on their shirts or coats...not this one! 

matching Christmas jammies...

new hats!

new sunglasses!

on left...Ava's g-bread house from school...on right, ours from home...I know, I know, you can place an order for some of this g-bread beauty from us early next December! 

the chalk board I briefly brought upstairs until E wrote ALL over it with a marker...that was the end of that! For the record, I think some kids get an extra gene that makes them write on walls, tables, counters...anything that should NOT be written on...A NEVER did this...E, she writes on EVERYTHING she should not! 

Apparently, when hiding from mommy who is running around like a crazy lady yelling at everyone to clean up their junk...the cupboard is a really good hiding place! 

p.s. just realized that I had intended to post this to my Our Little Monkey's page...haha...managing to different blog spaces doesn't happen very well with the conclusion of naps either!!! 

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  1. How funny! A puts all stickers on her legs, too. No napping here, either = grouchy kids and frazzled mama. I feel your pain!


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