Sunday, March 4

Sacred Sundays: Prayer Time Ponderings

It's 8:45 and I'm sitting on the couch nestled between my two favorite girls. They're watching Jake and Neverland and I'm trying to read through the Old Testament in my "Chronological Bible in a Year".

An ideal set up for Bible reading, the kids, the cartoons? Maybe not, but it works for this season of life and that makes me o.k. with it.

I had intended to get up earlier, to snatch a few quiet moments early. But, alas, I woke with a startle as the light shone through the cracks of my blinds...What time is it?!

8:00 a.m.



Quick prayer:

Dear Lord, So sorry! Please let the girls sleep for 20 more minutes...I'm going to sneak downstairs and read my Bible.

That's called a momma's hail mary prayer.

God loves me....but he pretty much laughed at that one. In the kindest way, of course.

I ran downstairs, sat on the couch and Ella greeted me 30 seconds later.

So here I am...girls nestled on either side, fleece blankets spread across the couch,  Bible on my lap, the television is on and we're doing what we can.

We had a  discussion in my moms group recently, sharing around the table how often we tried to have quiet Bible reading and prayer time, etc. The girls looked at me a little quizzically when I said "Almost everyday."

It's true. I'd say over the last six months I've tried to read my Bible just about every day. It doesn't always happen, of course, but I would say more days then not, it does.

I'm not a saint. Believe me! I don't have it all together. Oh wait, you know read my blog! I am not uber organized, nor do I get up at crazy hours (I'd like to, but my undisciplined, tired, self allows the warm down comforter get the best of me on a lot of days!), but I do know that if there is one thing that is important  for me to do every day it is to focus myself, find some peace and center my thoughts by reading some scripture if only for 10 minutes, on the couch, between children!

It used to be that I thought I needed to have a solid 1/2 hour carved out, a structured reading plan in front of me, my journal, pens, music...

Um...yup...not happening these days.

Now I keep my One Year Bible downstairs, on the coffee table with my spiral notebook tucked into it. I wake up, grab it and just start reading wherever I left off the day before.

This is what I like about the Bible in a Year edition that I'm using...I stick my bookmark in and read where I'm supposed to for the day. It leaves emotion out of it, What should I read this morning? Where should I start? What am I in the mood for? 

I just open and read. Even while my kids are on the couch.

You should also know I'm not following it day by day. My New Year's Resolution for 2011, yes did you catch that? 2011!  Was to read through the Bible in a year. I didn't make it super far last year (I didn't stop having quiet time, I just got derailed from the daily readings). So I picked up this year, where I left off (I figured a head start was a good thing!) in Leviticus and am moving onward.

I should also add that I do try to get up early several times a week to spend some more focused time in prayer...I know some moms who do that during their kids naptime, others who do it before bed at have to find whatever works for you.

It has been a sweet morning. Scott had made juice, cut fruit, had my coffee ready to go and set the girls plates out before he left for church this morning (he leaves early to set up with the band).

What a great guy!

I'm a lucky gal.

Bible reading. Check.
Healthy Breakfast. Check.
Happy kids. Check.
Happy momma. Check.

I'd say it looks like it's been a great day.

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