Wednesday, July 11

What I DID Do Wednesdays...Disney Edition!

     As many of you know we took a little family vacation over a week ago now; part of the trip was spent in Orlando (four nights at a Disney hotel with two full days of theme parks) and part of it was spent visiting Scott’s cousin and his fiancé in the Tampa/Clearwater area.

     We had a great time and while Disney was a BLAST…taking two children, 3 and 5, to  Disney World does NOT count as a vacation….a fun trip for sure…a “vacation”…not so much.  Bring me Bermuda and a babysitter and then maybe we can talk  about vacations, but until then, do not be deceived about what you may or may not be getting into if you decide to head to a place like Disney for a few day!  

     So, given that we just came back, had tons of fun (the tired kind) and took a lot of pictures, I thought it would be fun to make this “What I DID Do” post about Disney, with pictures!

     Also, this is going to be my last “Did DO” post for a while…I won’t lie, it was fun while it lasted but I’m getting bored with writing them and think ya'll can probably only read so many! However,  in the spirit of creating online community I would like to keep Wednesdays a link-up day…So, for this week,  if you have a fun vacation, trip or festive summer outing that you blogged about in the last month or so, link up below.

     If not, c’mon back next Wednesday. Since I’m a fan of change, and the freedom of flexibility we’ll just call it “Whatever Wednesdays”…link up “whatever” post from the past week you’ve enjoyed writing or felt was meaningful and we’ll just do a little “for the fun of it” blog hopping!

     Until then…

     What I DID DO…Disney Style (on our first park day): 

I did meet Mary Poppins who was very sweet and faked a good British accent. The girls had NO idea who she was (I mean she's WAY overdressed to be a Disney princess!), but were enamored nonetheless. 

We also met Aurora who was signing autographs in the shade on a 90+ degree day.

And Tangled (Who didn't look very much like Tangled to me, but the girls found her charming!)

And of my favorites. 

And then of course Cinderella. Alright, we won't like, we thought she had a funny eye, but we won't hold it against her. She was sweet. 

We saw a "real" castle!

And actually took a sweet picture together!

We visited the Suisse Family Robinson Treehouse and I quite liked this motto...

We smiled...lots...when we could find shade anyways...

And I certainly envied Jasmines no baby belly! (I don't know that for a fact, but it makes me hate her a little bit less than if she had had children and looked like this!)

I watched as the girls road on a "magic carpet"

And ate yummy frozen treats...I find it amusing that my veggie lover (Ava) follows suit in her choice of "sweet" treat by getting a fruit bar while my junk food addict...well, let's just say I was trying not to read the calorie information on the back of those yummy ice cream treats!

We traveled through a "small world"

And Pooh country...

And marveled at the castle at night...

We joined thousands for a fantastic parade (though we couldn't see because we were 3 people deep)

And after 12 hours, Ella demanded to get off of my shoulders in the middle of the parade...2 minutes later I found her here...

And even though this wasn't the same day Ariel was one of the cutest and sweetest princesses we met (at our very costly princess dinner that Scott will be holding over the girls heads until they are 16..."You want a what? A car? We're still paying off the princess dinner we took you to when you were 3 and 5!")

AND, at the end of day 2 Ella collapsed during the fireworks show at Epcot and tried to cover her ears because the fireworks were too loud!

But she was up and ready for her Mickey waffle on our last morning!

Well, there is much more where all of that came from...maybe later in the week I'll share a few more pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, if you have pictures of a fun trip or festive summer day you've had recently, link up below! I'd love to see some other summer lovin' family fun!

(For the record, because I'm stilling figuring out this link thing and this "free" tool I tried to use isn't my favorite, when you write your name also write the name of your blog next to it, i.e. "Lisa @ Little Writer Momma"...otherwise it's hard to tell who you are!)


  1. Oh LOVE the disney pictures! We went last year with our six kids and (other than the stomach flu in the VAN on the way down) It was wonderful!

    Linking up !

  2. Oops I should have linked this one- I wrote it after our disney trip :)


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