Monday, March 25

The Name Game


      Oh man, we're having a doozey of a time coming up for a name for this babe rolling around in my belly!

     I must confess if you had asked me 10 years ago if I would have believed that we were going to be parents to THREE girls I probably would have not believed you...I mean ya gotta mix it up a little bit, right?!

     Haha...not so much. God likes to do things in the way I often least expect them in my little corner of life over here. 

     One of the funniest, most ironic things about all of this is probably that my younger sister, who serendipitously also met her husband when she was his waitress (the same way I met Scott), just had her third child...her third BOY! 

     Go figure!

     I'm thinking that on some psychological level that because I never believed we would have three girls I exhausted the girl name possibilities on our list and started toying with names like Max, and  Carter and Benjamin. 

     I also think it's difficult thing to bestow a lifetime title on a person whom you have never met! With the girls we would come up with a short list of 3-5 names we had really honed in on, take it to the hospital with us, meet them and then give them whatever name felt most fitting in the moment...we'll probably do something along the same lines this time around.

      There are lots of pretty girl names out there...I know...but they all seem meant for someone else's child. Did any of you have that experience while naming your children? People would give suggestions, and we gladly welcome them, and some of them seem like very nice names...for their children. 

     So, we've circled around a few names that I'll share...The first three, our favorites at this point, all happen to belong to children of people we either know or loosely know, which makes us a little bit unsure about them, but we're throwing them out there anyway...

     Reese (one of Scott's favorites)
    Grace (we will likely use this as a middle name, if not a first)

    So, that's where we are...We're still taking suggestions!

    Almost every night before bed I ask the girls what they think...Ava will often give me the names of one of the girls in her class or repeat one of the names she knows we've been thinking about. 


    Haha...Her favorite seems to be Zanna! Yes, several times I've asked her what we should name the baby and she tells me "Zanna". I nod my head and try to pretend it's a very real possibility. 

      I tease her that the name must be from that imaginary planet called Northland that she tells us she is from when we ask her (and we ask her this frequently!) "Ella, what planet are you from?!!!" 

     Send along you're suggestions, we'll add them to the mix and run them by the girls! Hey, if we pick your name I may have to make you dinner or something for helping to ease the naming burden from our shoulders! Granted, dinner after baby #3 is pretty much going to amount to organic hot dogs, jarred apple sauce and carrot sticks, but it's the company that really counts!   And who wouldn't want to have dinner with a hormonal momma, an outnumbered dad, Ava, Ella and Zanna? 


  1. I love Anna!!! (It also goes nice with Ava/Ella) If we were going to have another girl I wanted Julia:)

    Sarah E

  2. I like your name options! I think we are going to have the same problem this time around too. Every name I suggest is met with a no & then an "Isn't it too soon to start worrying about names?" "Uh, probably not since I've been trying to come up with another girl name since Kimberly was born!"

  3. I love them all. It's so hard to choose . What about Anna Grace?


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