Tuesday, September 24

The Top 10 Reasons I Love My Husband, Part 1

         Do you ever have one of those moments when your spouse does something that completely catches you off guard (in a good way)? Something that leaves you just shaking your head, staring at him, and saying to yourself, "That is EXACTLY why I love my husband. THAT is why I married him." 

     I had one of those moments this past weekend. As I got to thinking about that moment and this post I decided that instead of just telling you about the one moment, I'd come up with a "Top 10"... the perfect  tribute for the 10 years of marriage we will be celebrating in just three weeks! 

      So, without further adieu, here they are...

#10 He's incredibly patient and forgiving. 

     He has this thing he says to me, usually when I've been all crazy, hormonal mommy lady, crying or going off the hook about something and then I finally get my act together and apologize. My apology usually includes, "I'm so sorry your stuck with me babe." 

     Want to know what he says to me...

"I'd marry you all over again." 

     What? Are you serious? You'd marry this crazy, sensitive, sometimes over reacting woman all over again? 

     Good grief...I'm a lucky lady, aren't I? 

     Thanks babe...I'd marry you all over again too. 


     I can't tell you how many times I've been in a funk and Scott says something that just completely cracks me up. Something so out of the blue and off the cuff, but so completely accurate and true that you cannot help but laugh hysterically. 

      For example, a couple of weeks ago, I was on my way to the gym and I put this pair of yoga pants on. I was tired and didn't know where any of my clothes were in the mountains of laundry that have erupted around the house. I've also lost quite a bit of weight since the baby was born and some of my clothes don't fit very well. Or I bought them to fit my body 20 lbs. ago and now they just hang funny, or whatever...

     So these pants...they were AWFUL. I can't believe I ever wore them out of the house but in some odd moment of inspiration I purchased them and used to wear them to the gym. They hit my calves in a really weird spot and flared out far too much at the bottom. But then I thought, maybe they're not that awful. Maybe they're ok for the gym. Maybe I'll see what Scott thinks. 

    "Babe, what do you think about these pants?" I ask from the stairs that lead up to our bedrooms. 

     "Ah, you know," pause...completely serious face..."They look a little like hobbit pants. Do you have a part in the Hobbit movie?" 

     I just started laughing hysterically. 

     Only a husband who has been married for 10 years can look at his wife and tell her she has Hobbit pants on and have the moment be more hilarious than serious.  I love that! 

     This is probably not the best example of his hilarity (is that a word?)...just trust me, if you spend enough time with him you will probably wind up laughing. 

#8 He's a Glass Half Full Kind of Guy

     Scott has the BEST perspective on things. No matter what is going on in my head he always has a different, more optimistic way of looking at things that totally helps me to gain perspective on the situation and see things in a better light. I've stopped counting the number of times I was feeling kind of crabby about something and he offers an analogy, or bit of advice that turns things around for me. He fills my sometimes half empty glass to the brim...We all need a little bit of that in our lives! 

#7 He's Not Afraid to Try New Things

     If he is interested in doing something he jumps in with gusto. My favorite story is when he first started to play the guitar. He started playing on this little kid, mini guitar and had just recently upgraded to an inexpensive acoustic guitar. He knew just a few chords and had never taken a lesson.

     While we were on a weekend retreat with a group from our church in Massachusetts someone mentioned that they needed a guitar player for their worship team for the "20 Something" group at the church. Scott confidentially told them he knew how to play the guitar, started playing with the group and has learned everything he knows along the way. I must confess, it was painful to watch those first couple of times that he played...I cringed as I watched him publicly try to figure out the chords. He could have cared less! He was making it happen! 

    It would have taken me YEARS to feel like I could volunteer to do something like that...he's now been playing with church worship teams for years and loves every minute of it! I think about this story every time I'm timid about trying something new and feel encouraged by it.  I also know he will impart this kind of gumption into our girls lives as well and I'm incredibly thankful for that. 

#6 He Doesn't Care What Other People Think

     Let me just tell you that prior to meeting Scott I had very strong opinions about men who wore socks with sandals. Sorry if you are the socks with sandals type or think that is the ultimate in sexy...I thought it was kind of...dorky. Just not my cup of tea, ya know?! 

     So, imagine that a month or two after meeting him and completely having my socks knocked off (hehe...pun intended), he showed up somewhere in Birkenstocks with socks on!!! Hahahahaha. The irony of this is so very funny...By that time I was so head over heels...his Birkenstock heels...that I actually LOVED the fact the he cared so little about what anyone thought about him in his socks and sandals that I actually found it completely endearing. Go figure! 

     Alright...that is Part 1 of my Top 10. I was going to put this all in one post, but then realized I had so much to say (and so little time to actually write this post!) that I figured I'd better break it up. I also need to get home to nurse a baby...she likes to see her momma before bed so my writing hours are short these days! 

     I can't make any promises, but I hope to have Part 2 up by Thursday! The rest of the list, including the moment that inspired the list in the first place! 

     Until then leave a comment below about one of your favorite things about your hubby!!! In a culture where the foundation of marriage has become so rocky and commitment often seems to be more rare than normal, I LOVE sharing and hearing about the good and the beautiful that women find in their marriages. I love hearing about how you love your husbands! 

     Better yet, if you have a blog and want to write your own top 10, let me know and I'll post your link in one of my upcoming posts! 

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  1. Aw, Lis. So sweet. I think I love the way Mark speaks love to the kids. Today, we had an impromptu game of hide and seek with the girls. K was sleeping. And there we four were, running around like a pack of elementary school kids--except only two of us were! He loves to play with them and they love him for it.


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