Saturday, March 28

Some Thoughts on Blogging and Why I Keep Going

Have you ever remodeled or simply repainted a room in your house? Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes me plain giddy-- the shine, the sheen, the way new paint makes something that was feeling tired look completely new!

That's how this blog space makes me feel today (I'm still relishing in the new colors and design!), like I just remodeled a room in my house. It makes me want to invite you all over to drink coffee,  eat cookies and enjoy the fellowship of each other's company, as we share stories about our families and the day-to-day pursuit of making something beautiful of this adventure called life.

But since that doesn't always work out,  I keep writing these little posts. It's one of my favorite ways to connect with you. Its a way of sharing little pieces of me, even when our schedules or geographical locations don't coincide.

Sure, I've had my share of moments where I've shouted to the hilltops, "I'm done! I don't have time for this! I have four baskets of laundry to fold, the kids are about to get off the school bus, a hurricane apparently ripped through the kitchen,  and a baby chicken just pooped on my floor! Who has time for blog posts when you're cleaning up chicken s***?" (This was all true on Friday afternoon when I started writing this post!)

But, I always come back. Because it's become a part of me that I can't let go of. Because it's part of the way I process my days. Because it's part of the way I capture the moments that are fluttering by with such speedy intensity that I can hardly comprehend how the 3T Nemo underwear I recently found in my kindergarteners top drawer don't fit her any longer.

This post is #408 in my Little Writer Momma blogging journey. That's hard for me to believe!

When I look back at my early posts I am reminded about many things. In the same way that looking through old pictures kicks up pangs of nostalgia and sometimes cringes of embarrassment, reading through old blog posts does the same...Some of the pictures make you say, "Awwww, wasn't that sweet," and some of the pictures make you say, "Ewww! Did I really do that? Did I really wear that?"

Some of my earliest posts allow me to relive funny, candid and cherished memories,  while others leave me cringing and asking serious questions, "Did I really need to talk about poop?" (Yup, that would be this one, right here.)

But, at the end of the day, as I read through the old, and then the recent, I'm reminded that I'm a blessed woman and that I've grown as a parent by leaps and bounds in the last eight years. I'm very thankful for both of those things, and reminded that life is a journey and that it is the process that is important, not some hoped for destination.

As I peruse the last five years of blog posts I realize three things...

How quickly time goes. 

How much they've grown.

How much I've grown in the process of helping them grow. 

I recently came across this quote by writer and humorist Andy Rooney. He said,

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.” 

We are climbing the mountain step by step over here. And, while early on in my parenting I expected to naturally be at the top of the mountain (and often found myself frustrated when I wasn't) on a regular basis (you know, it was supposed to be continuous sweet cuddles, accolades from my children  for my awesome culinary skills at dinner and no whining EVER!), I'm more content these days to just enjoy the journey and to be peaceful right where I am. 

I look forward to continuing to share my Little Momma life with you one blog post at a time..the posts may be fewer and far between these days, but they'll always be honest, and I'll keep coming back. I promise.

Here's to finding ways to enjoy the journey, one precious day at a time!

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