Saturday, March 30

Measure: A Five Minute Friday Post


I have three children, three girls, as a matter of fact…
     They are bright, hilarious, witty, energetic, full of life kids who we are trying to teach to be light in the world, “Be the light Jesus created you to be,” we tell them regularly.
     When you have children there are a myriad of measurements that become part of your life—at every check-up the doctor wants to know their weight and height—how much they have physically grown. At the end of every marking quarter there are grades that show us how they are doing in school- how they are measuring up to the expectations set for them.
     But, all stats and grades aside, what we hope is blossoming and growing more than anything else is what we cannot see…their heart. Their relationship with God. Their love for Jesus and how that love expands their hearts to love the world, and the people around them, in bigger ways.
     These things cannot be measured...the things that matter most.
    Several years ago, I sat in an elementary parent teacher conference for my oldest daughter, and as is typical the teacher began to go through her reading evaluations, test scores, her schoolwork, because that is what she is required to do.
     And, honestly, while I want my kids to excel in school—while I want them to do their best, it’s not what I care most about (given that they’re not slacking off, of course!).
    “I have to tell you,” the teacher said, after she put all of the grading, and papers away, “Ava is such a sweet kid. She is always kind. She helps others. She is a silent leader in her actions.”
    The same was said of her younger sister in several of those same meetings in later years.
    Can you measure compassion? Empathy? Kindness? Love for others? 
    While there is no tangible measurement, those observations by my girl's teachers were more important to me than anything that can be scored or ranked...
     To me, they were the most important measurement of all. 

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  1. So true Lisa. I was talking to my (adult) son about what he's looking for in a potential partner, what attracts him to someone, and his answer was 'kindness' above all else.
    God bless you in your parenting.
    Your FMF Neighbour #43


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