Wednesday, February 3

Seek First His Kingdom

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33

What are you seeking first each day? 

Sleep? Food? Facebook? Television? Exercise? Work? Shopping? 

We all have vices, and crutches. Things that fill our time and our voids if we're really honest with ourselves. For example, I had to put my computer away today. I took it off of the kitchen counter, put it in my computer bag, zipped the bag and told myself that I was not allowed to check email, read a blog, or check Facebook until the girls were down for their naps.

I did this at 10 a.m., the girls usually go down around 2:30. I did this because it can sometimes become a void filler. A time filler. A distraction from the chaos of taking care of the girls and there are days when I do it compulsively. 

While there is nothing wrong with any of the above activities in and of themselves, when they start to take up too much of your time, or when you start to make excuses for not having time to pray or read your Bible during the course of a day, but you know you've likely clocked 2+ hours on the computer, well, then you've got a problem. 

This verse was referenced in the chapter we worked on for my bible study this week. It really got me thinking, "Am I seeking God first?" Somedays I am. I get up early, pray, journal, read a chapter or two from my Bible and really do feel like I'm starting on the right foot.

Some days it's not so easy. Babies were up the night before. I'm tired. I sneak a workout in in the morning and I justify it all by promising myself that I will make the time later in the day... sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.  

But, on those days, especially when I get a good stretch of days going, where I spend time reading God's word, praying and listening to what He might be trying to say in my noisy life, when I "seek Him first", my life really does feel more balanced. I am more peaceful, I'm more patient, I'm more loving. Go figure. Funny how that works, isn't it?

During a women's retreat I attended in the Fall I attended a workshop on discipline and its role in our lives. The speaker said that we have human bodies and they want to do human things; sleep more, eat more, watch more t.v., we are a pleasure seeking people and often easily give in to our vices. However, as Christ followers it is our job to pursue a more balanced living and this often involves going against what our bodies want us to do. 

She offered the example of trying to implement morning prayer time. The alarm goes off and our inclination is to stay in bed. Especially if you, like me, live in Buffalo where it is 15 degrees outside and you are next to your hubby in your pillowtop king-sized bed under a down comforter! 

But she prodded, you need to ask yourself "Is staying in bed an extra 15 minutes worth giving up the blessing that God might have for you in prayer and reading His word this morning?" 

Oh dear. 

A good question, huh?! 

So, I'll end with that. Especially 'cause it's late and I'm not going to want to get up in the morning! But, my encouragement is this: We are human. We are not perfect. We will fail. But, we need to be trying. We need to give it a go...God wants to help. He doesn't want us to do it on our own, but He can't help if we don't make the space, carve out the time, and put your computer away if you need to!


By the way this is the book we're reading for bible study. A decent study, with some good questions. 


  1. This is a great reminder to be ever mindful of what we are seeking first!

  2. thanks for the reminder and encouragement!!!

  3. You are so right! Thanks for the reminder. Amazing, how quickly those things can get in the way of what's really important!


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