Wednesday, February 17

When Life Hands you Lemons Part 2

So, when I wrote my post yesterday morning I did briefly consider that my bad luck streak was not yet over. I mean, after all, it was only 11:00 a.m.

But, then, the day started to move along at a pretty decent clip. AAA came out and got the car started. Scott's sister (Caitlyn) came over and played with the girls, which they really enjoyed, and Caitlyn and I bundled up the girls to meet grandma and grandpa for dinner, with eager anticipation of Scott arriving home from NJ shortly afterwards.

Things were all back on track.

And then...

I pulled down our street at 8:09 last night and an "uh-oh" went through my head as I realized there were no streetlights on and every house on our street was dark inside. Not a good sign.

We pulled into the driveway, and not only could I not find the garage door opener, but even if I had been able to find it, we would not have been able to open the door to our attached garage because it runs on electricity which evidently was not working.

"What's wrong mommy."
"The electricity is out, and I'm not sure we can get in the house."
"The tricity is not working?"
"No, honey, it's not."

I get out of the car and trudge through snow past my ankles in shoes not meant for snow past my toes hoping the front door is open.


I trudge around back through snow drifts up to my knees to see if the back door (which is sometimes open) is open. Nope. Scott locked it before we had left for Ohio last Friday.

The house is pitch black. We have no way in. And no, we do not have house keys. We have never needed them before.

I get back in the car with socks sopping wet and call my Dad.

"Dad, our electricity is out."
"Well, just go inside and light some candles. It usually comes back on within a few minutes."
"We don't have keys and I can't open the garage door."
"You don't have keys for your house?!!!!!"
"No, we don't." (Thanks for the dig at our stupidity though. LOL)
"Well, see if it goes back on."
"Alright, but we might see you in a few minutes."

My parents live five minutes away and we did in fact drive over there at 8:45 at night...with two very tired little girlies.

The electric company first predicted that the 194 houses in our neighborhood that were affected would have power by 10 p.m.

The girls were doing really well at my parents until about 10 p.m.

And then...we called the power company again and their new prediction was 12:30 a.m.


My parents don't have any extra bedrooms, but Scott's dad has two, so now, at 10:15 we first drive over to our house because I want Scott to kick the back door in (against his wishes and my father's suggestions to not do so).

After six good kicks he informs me that there is not way...I guess we should be thankful that our house is not easy to break into, right?!

I finally concede to spending the night at his father's. Ella is screaming in the car, because it is 2 1/2 hours past her bedtime and she wants a bottle. Ava is crying because, in her words, "the tricity is out and we're stuck in the car."

I am in a separate car and say a prayer as we're pulling out of our driveway.

"Lord, please give me peace and wisdom to handle this situation."

The next words that came to mind were,

"Lisa, at least your house is still standing. Think about those moms in Haiti who have had to sleep on the ground, under thin blankets, with crying children because they have NOTHING left. You have a warm, comfortable place to sleep, with blankets and food."

Deep breath. Let go. Everything is o.k.

"Lord, I'm sorry. Please help me to be in the moment. Being upset about this is not going to help. Please help me to do what I need to do peacefully to help the girls get to sleep. And thank you that we have a place go."

The lemon-aid wasn't quite as sweet last night, but I tried to make it. And I'm thankful for our lives and reminders that even when things seem hard, we really have SOOOO much to be thankful for.

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