Saturday, July 31

Impromptu Picnics

This is a picture of a little impromptu morning picnic next to a Starbucks parking lot...seriously, you can't see it here, but we are on a rather long strip of grass at the far end of a parking lot.

We were supposed to be blueberry picking. I actually had promised my grandmother I'd bring her fresh blueberries when we went out to visit her for dinner Friday night AND I promised two neighboring families homemade blueberry pie this coming Sunday evening.

Friday morning we got all dressed, packed diaper bags, got in the car, drove 20 minutes away out to the blueberry farm and lo and behold we pull up to the driveway and see a big hand-painted sign that says:


I sat there for a minute processing that sign...

"Wait a minute..." I thought. "Is today Friday? No, it can't be!! I mean we're here to pick blueberries. I dragged my 18 mo. old and 3 year old out of the house to pick blueberries for their neighbors and great-grandmother. YOU CAN'T BE CLOSED TODAY!" 

But, alas, they were. 

I drove several miles to the closest shopping area and saw a sign at the road for a Super-Cuts. 

"Perfect," I thought. "Ava needs a haircut anyway!"

Would you believe we pulled up to the door of that Super Cuts and there was a big fat sign in the window that said: 


Now I'm beginning to think that there is some sort of global vendetta out against any plans I might have for the day! 

Fortunately, there was a Starbucks in that very plaza and Aunt KK and Connie were scheduled to meet us to take Ella to a Rollie Pollie (a gymboree type class) within half an hour. We got a apple bran muffin, I got a soy latte and we pulled this beach blanket out and hung out on the grass until they arrived. 

I won't lie, it was kind of fun. 

Ava and Ella alternated at Rollie Pollie with Connie while KK and I took the other girl to a local park and stopped by a farm stand to purchase already picked fresh blueberries for the pie and for my grandmother. 

It was one of those days in which little went as planned in our early morning, in the end, I wouldn't have changed a thing. 

Carpe Diem! 


  1. Any day where Sbux us involved is not a total loss for sure! Glad you could make it a good day even though your plans were foiled over and over. Great attitude mamma!

  2. Its so funny, because when we realized they were closed, we had an impromtu picnic at Noco! I wish I would have known you were there!! I thought you were picking with your fam, you could have joined all our chaos!!



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