Thursday, July 1

Two is Better than One, BUT...

Alright, so I'm not sure exactly how to say this without coming across like I don't love one of my children...BUT, it's just been Ella and I around here all week has been awfully quiet! and easy to clean up after! and ALL of the laundry in the house is washed (not quite folded and put away yet, but we're working on that)! there is less to clean up after meals...and at's just plain less messy in general!

I have watched movies in the evening. I've gone through a mountain of paperwork that was growing in the kitchen. I washed my kitchen floor last night (though that's gross already again today because Ella is the one who finds it hilarious to deposit parts of her meals there). I've read magazines. I even went for a jog with the jogging stroller today.

If you're all wondering what in the world I did with my older daughter and my husband---which I'm sure you are-- they drove to New Jersey together on Monday: Scott had a business trip in a town in New Jersey that happens to be about 20 minutes from his mom's house. When this first came up and I had a panicked look on my face about taking care of both girls by myself for three days I came up with a solution-- "Why don't you take Ava with you so she can spend some time with your mom while you're at your conference?"

It turned out to be a great idea! Ava is having the time of her life (though I'm not really sure how much I like how little she misses me at the moment!) with "Nanner" (that's what we call Scott's mom-- her name is Nancy...and instead of an old lady name like Nana, which would not fit her at all, we made her Nanner!), Scott is getting some work done and I have had some great one on one time with Ella as well as some pretty quiet and peaceful downtime to myself.

(Nanner- Thanks for taking such care of my little pumpkin this week!!! Every time I talk to her she says, "Mommy, do you miss me?" "Well, I'm going to stay THREE MORE DAYS!" LOL)

So back to my original thought...I'm really not insinuating at all that I don't want my daughter back, because I miss her like crazy...especially after I saw this hilarious picture that Nanner snapped of her yesterday:

BUT! I'm taking advantage of the break. Let me tell you...One is so much easier to take care of! It's kind of funny because when I first had Ava it didn't feel that way at all--you're so overwhelmed with being a new parent and the increased demands on your time that you feel like you don't have time to do anything...but oh, oh, oh, after you have two...and get to go back to one for a couple of days-- let me tell you, you take advantage of it and appreciate it!

Ella is still taking two naps, she goes to bed at 8:15 and it is way easier in general to take one on errands that two. I had so much energy left over when I put her to bed at 8:15 last night that that is when I was inspired to wash my kitchen floor. That NEVER happens.

So anyway, is there a lesson in all of this?

I suppose if I'm introspective about it all I'm realizing that the expectations I place on myself for house cleanliness and tasks to accomplish are quite high when you have two small children to take care of. They are quite manageable with just one 16 mo. old around, but not with two.

The fact of the matter is two is messier, it's crazier, it's more hectic. You have two little people demanding their needs to be met all day long...and for those of you who have three at home...I admire you greatly, because you have 3 little people launching toys around and demanding to be fed and needing clothes and sunscreen and sippy cups and sandwiches and snacks.

So the only real lesson here is that I haven't been totally crazy in feeling like I"m going crazy lately. Life with multiple toddlers/preschoolers at home IS crazy.

But fun.

As other moms have said-- with more than one child there are also more smiles, more laughs, more hugs, more songs, more joy to go around.

So, I'm enjoying the peace and looking forward to returning to chaos next week when Scott returns to work. Returning to it with renewed energy and perspective and that's always a good thing.

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  1. Having twins right off the bat, I'll never know what it's like just to have one baby! But I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're right. It's GOT to be easier with just one ;)


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