Wednesday, December 15

Looking for Inspiration...

I feel that I am lacking in blog inspiration these day...I blame it on the following facts:

1. It gets dark by 5!!! GRRRR!! Is there anywhere in the world that it stays light until at least 7 ALL year round?! I'm moving there! Next week!

2. I am buried, did I say BURIED in snow!!! Seriously people, somehow the real estate agent forgot to tell us that we are right on the border of the friggin' Lake Erie snow belt and that at time you will get BLASTED with snow! Like the 3+ feet we received about two weeks ago (when bordering towns got less than one inch!), and the flurries that keep coming to pile on top of it! Here are a couple of pictures!

3. I am on my 3RD STINKIN cold of the season! I have been jacked up on DayQuil and NightQuil around the clock for the last 48 hours because I'm sick of being SICK and it's REALLY hard to take care of toddlers when all you feel like doing is eating instant bowls of soup on a couch in front of the television...the medication helps with that just slightly!

4. Because it gets dark at 5!!! I'm BURIED in snow, and have my 3rd cold of the season, I have not been running or doing much exercise lately which makes me a little NUTS!

If I sound a little might be on to something there...

If ya'll know of a place where it stays light later and it is warm all year round, please, please, PUHLEEZZE tell me because I'm ready to move.

In the meantime here are some random thoughts peddling themselves around in my mind these days...

1. I'm turning into an uncool middle aged lady! Fortunately I'm not wearing "mom-jeans" (for the benefit of those who read THAT post!) BUT I do listen to classical music and jazz in my car because it's much less chaotic than the NOISE that is on the popular radio stations. Did I just say that? My mom used to say that. AND I do things like go to pampered chef, candle and make-up parties as a NIGHT OUT! AND...I cut coupons in my spare time.

Oh boy.

2. I'm quite thankful for Facebook! In the world of stay at home momminess, AND being enveloped into my house by mounds of arctic snow, the world of Facebook allows me to live vicariously through the MUCH cooler people I know. It also helps me to realize that I'm not the only one who gets pulled off the treadmill after getting into a sweat inducing run to take my toddler to the bathroom. Thanks Dana!

3. I'm trying to stay sane during the Christmas season because I KNOW that I am not supposed to get wrapped up in the shenanigans, BUT I just spent another $100 at the grocery store today!!! Partly on food, but partly on stuff to make cookies and candy, lightbulbs for our Christmas lights, tissue paper, cards, etc. I think we've almost reached a FULL mortgage payment on Christmas expenditures AND THAT my friends is definitely not in any Dave Ramsey or Suzie Orman book!

That's all I got for ya my friends...send me some well wishes to perk up my spirits over here!


  1. Here this should cheer you up....tomorrow you get to hang out w/ about 100 other uncool, middle aged mama's, eat yummy food, watch a nice skit, be reminded that you're not the only one busting the Christmas budget this year....and otherwise have a great morning at MOPS! And if you need a good workout, I'll send my boys over & you can chase 4 busy kiddos around ;) Hang in there, Lisa! Remember the beautiful spring & summer we had this year???? WILL return eventually! See ya tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Jessica! I should tell you about my morning at MOPS today...that would make you laugh!!! Thanks for the encouragement!


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