Tuesday, March 22

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

Thank you for watching the girls this morning...so sorry they have the energy of wild monkey's.

Just wanted to say...sorry that...

Ella was standing on your coffee table within two minutes of walking in the door

That she likely spilled dog food all over the kitchen in an attempt to "feed the dog"

That she was flinging lettuce into the middle of the table and spitting juice from her mouth like a llama at lunchtime

That she started throwing crackers on the floor

That they both made you forget to put flour in the cookies...they are REALLY good cookies...thanks for making them with my crazy kids...I forget all sorts of things when they're awake!

That Ella was putting her feet on the lunch table, and then Ava decided to put her feet on the table, after pulling her pants off because she spilled juice on them and was sitting in just underwear...

That Ava was dropping ham and mayonnaise all over your dining room chair

That the jar of baby food splattered all over your microwave while I was warming it up for Ella...even though she should be no longer be eating baby food, but is incredibly picky!

That you had to listen to a major meltdown of gargantuan proportions after Ella chose a cookie for a snack after lunch instead of M & M's, but after finishing the cookie decided her life was going to be incredibly awful if she didn't get M & M's and therefore threw herself into an uncontrollable tizzy...

That you are kind enough to keep watching them after episodes like that...

...and these were only the things that I witnessed in the hour I was with you all this morning when I dropped them off and brought sandwiches over for lunch. There were probably a host of other 'incidences that I did not see in the 2 1/2 hours that they were at your house.

...you are probably quite right about the angel's working over time to keep up with these two...

Thankful for you. Thankful for those angels!


Your Grateful Daughter who is about to take a nap because her children are nuts...I blame it all on genes (Scott's of course), because otherwise I'd be steeped in guilt wondering where in the world I'm going wrong in the upbringing department. I'm sure you're about to take a nap too!

P.S. I DO discipline them at home....I SWEAR!


  1. How blessed we are to have such wonderful moms!

    My mom always says that we can only do our best. And if at the end of the day, we can say that that's what we've done, we've done enough. (That and blame our husband's gene pool ;)

  2. Glad you got a break and that your kids sucked the flour out of Grandma. Fun!

  3. aww. what a great mom you have! And you're not doing anything wrong in the upbringing department. Kids are kids. They're crazy balls of energy. Anybody who tells us differently either 1- doesn't have kids or 2- is far removed from the preschool aged crazies.


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