Thursday, March 24

Naughty or Nice?

Does this look like a face that would do any harm?

Well, now that I'm looking at the picture, I'm realizing those are my glasses...that she must have taken from my dresser...which she must have climbed up onto via a stool...but, besides that, sweet girl, sweet face...right?! 

I asked Ava a simple question before her nap this afternoon. "How was playschool this morning? Can you tell me one thing that you did?"

I was hoping for a simple answer. This is what she said instead.

"Naughty or nice?"

"Naughty or nice?!! AVA! What does that mean? Did you do something naughty at playschool today?"

"Uh-huh," she says with a smirk.

I'm trying not to laugh, even though I'm now finding the entire conversation pretty humorous. Partially because she is smirking, partially because I'm so surprised by her answer, partially because I can't WAIT to hear the rest of the story. Also, I'm thinking, It can't be that bad or her teacher would have SURELY mentioned something....right?!

"Ava, what did you do?"

Brace yourself. This is pretty funny. Also, be glad you don't have to supress your laughter in the guise of trying to be a responsible parent who needs to teach her child the difference between right and wrong.

"I squished a kid under a triangle."


"Huh?! You did what?" I ask again...utterly perplexed.

"I squished a kid under a  triangle," she says trying to hide her own grin.

"Ava Katherine. That is NOT nice!" I say.  In my head I'm thinking, What in the WORLD does she mean by squishing a kid under a friggin' triangle?!!!! And since when is she the squishing other kids type?!!!

The thing that is quite perplexing is that this is my little girl, who although not always sweet to her little sister, is usually quite timid and shy and reluctant to enter into preschool, or Sunday school, or any other sort of classroom situation. She usually clings to her teachers and doesn't play with the kids. she's SQUISHING them!!!

"Ava, was it a little girl or a little boy?" As if it matters, right?!

"A little girl."

"Did you say you were sorry."


"Ava, you should always say you're sorry when you hurt someone. What did Miss Carrie (the teacher) say?"

"She said 'Put the triangle away.'

Now I'm really trying to hold it all in because she is telling me this all so nonchalantly-- as if it is the most normal thing in the world to squish a kid with a triangle and then have your teacher tell you to put the triangle away!

"Well, next time you see the little girl, I want you to tell her you are sorry. You should apologize to your teacher too!"

"Ella told her she was sorry Mom."

"Ella wasn't the one squishing people Ava."

"Yes she was. Ella squished her too"

Oh dear God help me. Now my sweet girls have figured out to gang up on people when they are squishing them with triangles.

I did go on to ask Ava how she would feel if she had been the one being squished and she said she would not have liked it. I do also plan to also call Miss Carrie tomorrow morning to apologize and to have Ava apologize to her too. I suppose if the incident had been that bad the teacher would have said something today...cringe, cringe, cringe...right?!

In the meantime I'm heading over to Amazon to look for a toddler devotional book. My sister has the One Year Devotional for Toddlers.  Each day has a short story/commentary about a biblical principal with some questions for the kids to answer. It's quite simple, very cute and perfect for kids under 5. I've been thinking about ordering it for a while, but suddenly feel the urge to institute some higher levels of moral teaching around here!!


  1. My mom and I laughed so hard! Thanks for sharing this one. Hugs!!!

  2. Bill likes the picture....he said Ava looks like a mini Uma Thurman!...what was the outcome with the teacher??


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