Friday, April 22

Contemplating God

Just wanted to post a quick link to a friend's most recent blog post. I think we can all relate--that  an attempt at "grasping" who God is can be quite confusing and mind boggling.  It sometimes leaves us wondering "Really? Is it all true?"

Yes. Even Christians, Christians who have known God all of their lives, ask those questions sometimes.

But, instead of living in doubt we continue to press into the mystery, and each time God reveals a new little bit of himself...a  bit that seems so hard to deny, a bit that soothes our souls so fully in some way, that though we do not completely understand it all, and although we sometimes wonder how we can fully believe some of the history recounted to us in the Bible, that it doesn't matter. That the bit of truth, the bit of faith we have, the bit of God's self that he has revealed to us in our prayers, in our questions, in our journey, is enough to keep moving on and pressing further into the mystery.

It's a wonderful thing to think about two days before Easter.

Please check out Sara's post "He Makes Beautiful Things"... I think it will get you thinking too!

Happy Easter!

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