Wednesday, June 15

Almost Wordless Wednesday

So, a bit of advice:  it's o.k. to run out to a Zumba class at 5:05 while your husband is finishing up his work day in the basement and your children are watching the end of Max & Ruby in the living room, but do expect to be struck by the sight of some odd and perhaps misplaced things when you walk back in the door at 6:30...

Like your youngest daughter baring a "sleeve" of tattoos on both legs...

Those very tattoos looked like a fantastic idea when I was looking for inexpensive items to stuff in their Easter baskets three months ago (if you can't make them out they are easter chicks and eggs and flowers!)...I mean 172 tattoos for $2...that's a bargain! Obviously they were meant to be applied one or two at a know for like 84 days until you get through them all.

...or you could take Ava's approach and test out the waters of tattoo artistry at an early age. 

I mean, after all, I do have a cousin who is a professional tattoo artist locally and my father proudly bares tattoos that include both Ava and Ella's names, as well as several others on his that apple wouldn't be falling that far from the tree...

P.S. For what it's worth, baby oil supposedly does a great job getting them off, but we didn't have any so we opted for rubbing alcohol...which also does a great job. I poured a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a baby wipe (seemed a little less harsh for some reason!) and it worked quite well. 

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