Thursday, June 30

Summer Lovin'

“Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.”          ~ Bob Marley

I had one of those heart swell, my kid is the cutest kid in the world, I am so fortunate to get to spend this sunny day with you moments earlier today.  (Right before she pitched a fit about going to bed for her nap of course...I mean, she is 2 after all...).

It was just Ella and I. Ava is with her grandmother (aka Nanner) in New Jersey until tomorrow, so I'm getting some much needed one on one time with my two year old.

We wandered out into the backyard, under a brilliantly clear blue sky. First, I pushed her in her swing, and then we sat on the stoop of her swing set in the shade and ate watermelon. I sat on a small, lime green stool and she crawled on top of the large rubbermaid container that holds all of our balls and outdoor toys.

"Ella I know a song about watermelon," I said, knowing she'd want to hear it.

"Sing it!" she demanded, as only Ella can (if you know her you know that everything she says comes out in a rather commanding tone, as if she's getting an early jump start on her role as a future drill sargeant).

So I sang:
"Watermelon, Watermelon, 
How it drips, How it drips
Up and down my elbows,
Up and down my elbows,
Spit out the Pits
Spit out the Pits"

"Again mommy. Again!"

This time she tried to do the required spitting sounds at the end and managed to actually spit chunks of watermelon all over her shirt.

We both sang it together a third time, and right on cue the watermelon, sure as anything, started dripping down her arms.

I wiped her off and asked if she'd like to help me water the flowers.

She was pumped!

Usually her big sister is around and attempts to take over on all tasks...And when I say ALL and TAKE OVER, I mean ALL and TAKE OVER...I don't think I was ever as bossy an older sister as little Miss Ava is (we love her dearly, but I think she drives her sister nuts!!!)...She's getting ready for her own future role as leader of something...she has the big sister "I'm the boss" thing down pat! I try to intercede as much as possible, but if often just ends in grunts and fights with me doing whatever was supposed to be done.

Today, it was just me and Ella and she got to do it all alone.

She watered those flowers with all of her little 2-year old might.

My heart swelled.

It was one of those "I wouldn't want to be doing anything else in the whole wide world right now besides watch my daughter water flowers" moments.

I know this all probably sounds a bit mundane, and it is, but that is the beauty of becoming a's your opportunity to see life through the eyes of a child all over again. To have moments where the mundane becomes the marvelous and your heart swells.

It's kind of cool.

I'm making the most of my marvelous mundane moments. Trying to remember every minute of them, because I know they are speeding by.

Here are a few photos of our super sweet summer so far and some of the fun days we've had!

Watering the flowers...

Scott, on his birthday...of course both girls wanted to help open all cards! 

and blow out the candles....

and open all of the presents! 

Went strawberry picking and made freezer jam last week!

Our patio was poured...a birthday present to both of us!! 

of course the girls handprints needed to be part of the patio!!!

the garden finally took off...



yummy, yummy lettuce!


cukes...on the side of the house (I planted them by themselves this year to give them more space and they look MUCH healthier than last year!)

As much as I would LOVE for it to be summer all year round, I would miss the Fall, and maybe even a little bit of winter (like the snow on Christmas, but that's about IT!)...How bout 2 less months of winter and 2 more of summer? I may need to have a conversation with God about that?! 

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  1. Your patio and yard look nice..and your little gardener is soooooo sweet!


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