Monday, August 1

Potty Training 102

Well, we've entered potty training 102.

102 in part because this is a second child, and so you view things differently, feel a little bit more confident about how you're going to approach things, have it all figured out and planned right down to the m & m's you'll offer for success.

102 because your stubborn second child has her very own idea about how things are going to go and not go...literally...and you realize you're really starting all over with new rules, new ideas, and new approaches. Because the cool tree chart and stickers and m & m's and potty dancing and fruit chews you used with #1 have no impact, bearings, or even remote successfulness with #2. It's almost as if she's figured out that she's a different kid all together and is demanding a different approach just to verify her uniqueness and originality.

Listen lady...I am NOT Ava so don't even try the same tricks on me. It ain't workin' here. Got it? 

If you know Ella at all you'd know that's exactly how she would deal it to me to. I mean, can't you just SEE that in her face here....

I dreaded having to potty train Ava and it ended up being a non-issue. Ella came along and I felt so strongly that I did not want two kids in diapers any longer that we started potty training Ava before her second birthday...she was mostly potty trained (except for nighttime) by her 2nd birthday...she did things "according to the books".

I gave her a lot to drink. I left her diaper off. I rewarded her first with stickers and then with M & M's. When I pulled the M &M's out she started peeing more times than I could count...I began to wonder if she had a bladder the size of a horse. It was all pretty easy.

So this time I thought I had it all figured out.

Ella....Ah, Ella.

I gave her a lot to drink. I left her diaper off. I put a sticker chart up...

...She peed on the floor.

Again, and again, and again.

When she thought I really wasn't getting it that she wasn't ready, she pooped on the floor. You know...just for emphasis.

No inkling to make it to the bathroom. No desire. No interest. She actually started throwing temper tantrums in which she demanded I put diapers back on her.

Usually I try not to give into requests that come in the way of temper tantrums. However, when pee on the floor is the response to my not giving in...well, I threw up my hands, put a diaper on her and threw her infant potty back in the basement. I told Scott to stop pushing her and I decided if she was going to be in diapers until she was 3...well, so be it.

And then, just as Ella likes to do, she just started going on her own. About two weeks ago, and now consistently every day. I've heard other mom's say that this is how it often push, you push, you push and they push back.

You stop pushing and viola!    
sitting on potty with underwear on! 
I suppose we're not all that different. I don't like to be pressured into things either. I'm kind of stubborn that way.

So anyway, we're far from completely there with Ella, but she has made HUGE strides, all by herself, at her own pace this week and last.

She gets up in the morning, takes of her diaper and gets a huge grin on her face when she pees.

No surprise here, but she actually refuses to use the kid potty...she prefers a little training seat on the big potty. It's gotta be her way.

I'm wondering if potty training and how it goes is actually the litmus test for how to approach the girls for all experiences in life?!  Ava loves me close, loves instructions, accolades & praise. You say pee, she did...especially if chocolate is involved. out unless the time is right and she is ready. I could praise her up and down, tell her she is the best kid on the face of the planet and offer 7 lbs. of chocolate and she would just grimace, raise her eyebrows at me, put her hands on her hips, and give me the stare down until I decide to leave her alone. I've never seen a kid be able to hold a pout for so long without laughing or giving in.

And, my new favorite line from Ella this week...often shouted quite loudly to either myself or Ava...


Heaven help me!


  1. A likes the pictures of Ella. She says, "There's Ella!" And then, feeling a little heat that her friend is doing what she won't, "I know how to go pee pees on the potty."
    "Really? When?" I ask.
    "In a week I will. Right now I'm going to pee on the horse." (Referring to the toy horse she is sitting on.)
    I'm feeling your pain!

  2. I'm in 101. I haven't looked into MnMs or stickers or anything. I'm expecting #2 any day and #1 just turned two last week. She's been at it for a while. Some days it's great and she gets the potty every time. Some days she refuses panties and only goes for diapers. The only issue with the panties or training pants is that nothing is small enough for her! I wasn't even worried about starting her until later, but she took it upon herself and as long as the light is left on, she's pretty independent. But then there is not telling how long it will be until she's fully "trained".

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