Wednesday, September 14

Somersaulting Through Life

The morning started out pretty well...the skies are blue, the weather is beautiful, Ava is in preschool and Ella is in playschool for a couple of hours...pretty nice, huh?

So here I sit at Panera all ready to cross things off my "to-do" list and as I start plugging away all I encounter is people not feelin' like helping a momma out today! 

Really?! Come on people. 

Here's the deal...Ava is supposed to start gymnastics this week...Thursdays 6:40-7:30--  Scott and I recently joined a temporary book study on parenting with 3 other couples. We planned to meet on Tuesdays, but the next couple of weeks were kind of nutty for everyone so we decided on Thursdays. This all kind of happened simultaneously, so it's not like I didn't plan well or write it in my calendar. The kids are supposed to go with us and we start at 6. That kind of poses a problem with gymnastics, huh? 

So, here I am at Panera, all ready to just call and see if Ava can take the 5:30-6:30 class for two weeks so that I can get her to gymnastics and still make it to book study (albeit a little late, but still make it nonetheless) and this is what I get from Miss Gymnastics on the phone:

"Well....because it's the first couple of weeks we really can't switch the kids around, but she can make the classes up in October if you can't make it." 

Really?!!! Is my 4 year old daughter who can hardly do a somersault really going to mess things up that much if she joins the other 4 year olds who can hardly do somersaults in the 5:30 class for 2 weeks. Really?! I mean what if I decided to just be really annoying and call her back and simply switch her to the 5:30 class and then arbitrarily call back in October and decide that 6:40 is going to work better for us after all... I'm not going to do that, but seriously I'm feeling a little annoyed and part of me wants to. 

Help a momma out here...this should not be a big deal. 

And then!

I've been loosely training for another 1/2 marathon in October...I realized this morning that I thought I had a chiropractor appointment at 5:30, which is o.k., except that Scott has band practice at 6:30 and I really wanted to get a run in. So I called this morning to see if I could reschedule. I mean, this lady books like 6 clients an hour, I'm sure my one little 10 minute slot at 5:30 is not going to mess things up that much...and the likelihood is that someone will call today and want to get in...right? 

Apparently, not so much...this is how that conversation went. 

"Well, um, we could switch you to next week, but then we have to charge you a $25 cancellation fee for today's visit..."

Really lady. You're going to throw that at me, even though it's 10 a.m. and you'll probably fill the spot? "Really? I'm sorry about the situation, but my husband and I were just looking at our schedules and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to make it." 

"Yes, I'm sorry, but there is a cancellation fee...."

I'm very annoyed in my head, but I say something nice like, "O.k. I'll try to be there." 

But seriously, I'm thinking, Lady, you know I have two small children and that I'm the primary care taker until my husband gets home. Some days a chiropractor appointment is NOT at the top of my priority list...especially when he has to go out again at night, do you really not understand that? It's not always easy to know the day before what's going to be happening the next day...Help a Momma Out! 

So anyway, not super big deals in the grand scheme of things, but isn't it just the way that these little random details can infiltrate our days, our to-do lists and our lives sometimes and wouldn't it just be nice if people tried to make things easier....especially when the things should not be a big deal on their end either. 

I can tend to take these things personally. By the time I got off the phone with the chiropractor I was on the verge of tears right here in Panera.

Not because either situation is that big of a deal, but because in the bigger picture of motherhood, it's gosh darned hard to keep your schedule straight sometimes, to get everyone to the places they need/want to be, to fit it all in...You feel like you're trying to do your own somersault's and cartwheels and back handsprings just to keep everything on time and in order. 

Maybe the lesson is to stop scheduling so much...

Maybe the lesson is to be more and more adamant about staying on top of my calendar...

Maybe the lesson is simply that sometimes people don't care if you're a mom, they're not going to be flexible and so I need to learn to be emotionally flexible in those moments....

Deep breath...move forward...

Thanks for listening! 

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