Saturday, October 1

S'more Please!

     When life gets nutty and my blogging starts lacking I go to my photo library and find an image that makes me smile...This is what made me smile today...

      S'more's became a BIG part of our summer this year. Both of the girls are at an age where they can roast, and enjoy marshmellows (and what 2 or 4 year old doesn't like roasted marshmellows) and my husband loves was kind of a bonding thing (perhaps a necessity when you're a guy in a house full of girls looking for a way to connect...manly fire + a woman's love of chocolate = bonding over s'mores in the backyard!) After having our patio poured out back earlier this summer we often found ourselves hanging out in the backyard after dinner...often with a fire in one of those cheap little wrought iron fire pits. 

     I finally made a s'mores "basket"...basically using an empty basket from our basement to store a steady supply of graham crackers, hershey bars and marshmellows all summer long. This way, if we were having a s'mores night, or the kids and dad wanted to do it while the food inventory manager (aka: momma) was away from the house, everyone knew exactly where to find the makings! 

     This particular picture was taken while we were on vacation in the Finger Lakes with my entire family-- and one required part of vacation with my family is the nightly fire with snacks and usually s'mores for the kids. 

     I know, I know...Ella doesn't look super happy here...that's because while she loves her sister, it's incredibly difficult to get her to smile while she is standing next to her because she is waiting to be whacked in the head with a stick, or poked with a finger, or pushed with a hand...she also gets very serious sometimes...usually only for a very short period of time but I think she likes to practice her serious smile just so we know that she means business. 

     Anyway...I'm thankful for these girls and for the fellowship that happens around a fire while a family is making s'mores. It's mighty cold here this first day of October in Buffalo (rainy and 40's) but I'm sure we'll try to bring the "basket" out at last one more time before the leaves fall from the trees. 


  1. We just had S more's this evening! Our kids had their first ever earlier in the summer while visiting the grandparents. It was so fun to see our 2 year old making such a complete sticky, chocolatey mess! Great idea to keep a stash always available.


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