Wednesday, October 19

Changing Things Up

You may have noticed the change of blog background, color, and template.

It's what I do when I get bored.

Sometimes I cut my hair...

Sometimes I color my hair...

I have been known to repaint rooms...several times actually...until the color fits my mood.

Today...well, it was the blog background...

The other background was starting to drive me if it were wallpaper in my house that I simply got tired of starting at.

What I'd really like is to find a great designer who could do a really cool blog design that fits my personality, the voice of my posts, and tie in some cool creative elements in the way of facebook button links and all that other cool stuff that techie types know how to do and that I haven't the faintest clue about.

Until then...well, I'm stuck with blogger template designs.

I told Scott I thought that maybe it looked like a really bad shirt from the 70's.

He said he thought it had a nice "fall" feel to it...good answer honey! (Much unlike the response he gave me years ago that I still tease him about...I had said "Honey I feel fat..." his answer...."I feel fat too"...yup, wrong answer that time-- he's learning!)

Do tell...what do you change when you get bored?!!! OR, what kind of silly things does your husband say to you because he really doesn't know what to say?!! I could use a good laugh...


  1. Finding a free and more unique design is really not that hard! Here's my post about it:

    My blog was done by DCR Design and I found her to be fairly affordable and GREAT to work with!


  2. I spent time writing you a comment and it didn't post as I wasn't a member of Live Journal. So I just signed up. However, now I am out of time so will have to comment later. Best of luck in Pa.


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