Monday, November 28

Coming Soon...Advent Posts

Hi Friends!
     Yes, it's me, your bloggy friend, writing from my blogging sabbatical.

     I'm here to tell you that I'm going to be blogging in December (yay!). But on very limited terms (once a week) and about just one topic: Christmas.

     I was feeling like the month of December is too important to go by without writing about it (since writing is how I process life!), and that as long as my writing is limited (so that I can focus on my family, faith and home), and that it is truly an act of worship (about how I'm trying to keep my eye on Christ in the Christmas season), that it would be o.k. for me to share with you a few thoughts about my Christmas experience from a spiritual perspective.

     As a woman of faith, and a mother to small children, I have found myself contemplating, anticipating and bracing for the craziness of the next four weeks...Here's the thing, the most significant thing that I'd like to accomplish by the end of December is to feel Christmas... its truest meaning, in its most sacred form, and to let the next four weeks be a time of real worship.

    I fear getting to the end of December feeling tired, and empty and frenzied and glad that it is over...If that's how I feel, if that's how you feel, at the end of this very sacred month...then friends, we are doing something wrong...very, very wrong.

    So, here's the post a week between now and Christmas, and then one the week after Christmas to let you know how it has all gone. In the process I'd love if you'd share your thoughts, either at the bottom of the posts in the comments section, on Facebook, or on Twitter, about your own journey and experiences leading up to Christmas.

    Let's encourage each other to buy less and bond more, to run less and rest more, to feel frenzied less and faithful more...What good is all of this blogging, and connecting and interneting if we are not using it to move each other into better places and spaces. Right?!

     The first of the four posts will be up tomorrow....Advent: Have You Made Room?, and the next three will come each Sunday afterwards.

     Here's to preparing our hearts, our homes and our children's hearts to experience the beauty of Christmas the way it was meant to be.



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