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Managing Momma Monday: Top 10 Reasons I Keep Exercising

When I was thinking about the theme of many of these Monday posts-- "Managing Momma"-- I started to ask myself, 'What are some of the key practices you incorporate into your life that truly help keep you going in a big picture sort of way'?

Exercise was one of the first things that came to mind.

I know. I know. Many of you are rolling your eyes at me right now...

Exercise...Bexercise...Blah, blah, blah...whose got time for that?!

I bet you have more time than you think...especially when you use going for a run as an excuse to avoid that huge basket of laundry sitting in your living room for just a little while longer. Who isn't looking for an excuse for that?!

That's right, there are days when I say...Alrighty Lisa, you can either go to the gym/running right now, or you can clean the bathroom or fold the laundry...

You've never seen me run out the door so fast...literally!

In all seriousness, I'm not shirking my responsibilities to my  home, but, at the end of the day there are ALWAYS things that need to be done. Always.

Because there are ALWAYS things that need to be done and I am ALWAYS making choices, and prioritizing and deciding what is and isn't going to get done in a given day I am one who adds exercising into the mix of choices.

Really, what is more important in the long run, a folded basket of laundry or strengthening your heart and cardiovascular system so that you'll live longer?!

Please don't tell me it's the laundry. If you believe it's the laundry you can't be my friend anymore! (Just kidding...wanna come over and fold mine while you're at it?!).

In the spirit of "managing momma" and by that I mean, what are the things that we can do as women to make ourselves stronger for our families spiritually, emotionally, relationally and PHYSICALLY, I have put together a little top 10 list of the reasons that I continue to exercise regularly and consistently (3-5x a week, depending on the time of year and what I have going the Winter-- it ends up being 3+ times a the summer, when I can go for a quick 30 minute jog at 7:30 at night, I'm much more likely to fit a few extra days in).

Lisa's Top 10 Reasons to Keep/Start/Re-Start/Exercising!

10. The cardiovascular benefits. Exercise and getting your heart rate up is really good for a WHOLE host of things going on underneath your skin...things you can't see, but are important to think about. If you want to know more about those benefits, click here.  Besides...if the kids are getting "under your skin" why not run away (in the cheeriest terms!) for 1/2 an hour and do something beneficial for what is really important under your skin.

9. Keeping up with the kids.  Of course keeping up with them now is good, but as they get older and start playing sports and wanting to do fun outdoor activities I want to be able to keep up with them! I can't wait until Ava and I can run our first 5k together! In that spirit, I suppose exercise is a great way to bond too.

8. It keeps my husband's eye on me...Hehe...This one is more for his benefit than mine, but it always cracks me up when I put on a pair of tight running leggings and I'm staring at myself in the bathroom moaning and groaning about extra baby weight, and my belly bulge and I come downstairs and Scott says..."Woo Hoo...I LIKE your butt in those pants."  I'm laughing aloud even as I right does't take much to attracts our guys attention...I suppose that's a good thing!

7. It's good for your marriage in other ways too! Alright, I'll admit I didn't know this (why would I, I'm a woman!), but when I did a quick online search for 'benefits of exercise', I was SHOCKED to see an article on the Mayo Clinic that listed this is a reason..."It puts the spark back in your sex life".

I'm gonna leave that one alone...and let you figure out if it works for you or not! I'm not so sure this is true...just sayin'.

6. It offers some legitimate down time and mommy time. Have you ever had one of those days either where your husband comes home and looks at you and says "Get out of need to regain your sanity!" or your babysitter shows up and you have 2 hours of free time, but don't feel like going to Wal-Mart and have no idea how else to productively use the's legitimate, good for you, mommy time...and worth the $10 to your babysitter!

5. Boosts your confidence. In part because you've done something good for yourself, in part because your butt and legs will start to look a little that's  "lift" that's worth working towards and it's free!

4. Keeps my sanity in check. I don't medically know how this works, but it does. According to the Mayo Clinic it also reduces immune system chemicals that can worsen depression. For me,  when I have had a frustrating day I LOVE getting on the treadmill. I let the frustration propel my legs forward and before you know it, I feel less frustrated and have burned 300 calories in the process.

3. Endorphins. Endorphins. Endorphins. This is connected to #4. When you exercise your body kicks out "feel good" brain chemicals called endorphins. They make you happy. I think I may simply be an endorphin junkie. I suppose there are worse things.

2. Offers me a "finished" task for the day. How many of you moms have a long, long, long list of things that DON'T get done on a given day? How many of you moms try to finish things around the house only to be interrupted, needed, or guided off track by the requests and needs of your kids? When I'm's just me and my headphones for 35 good solid minutes. Check!

1. Alright...this is the REAL reason I run...I am a snacker...

There, I said it out loud. Is there a snacker's anonymous group out there I can join.

I think my snacking has gotten worse since becoming a mom. Kids go to bed. I stare at the mess around me. I turn on TLC and grab a bag of pretzels.

My exercising, allows for some of the extra snacking while maintaining my weight.

The problem is I'd like to lose 7 or 8 lbs...which is not going to happen if I keep snacking...nonetheless...I haven't that must count for something!

1. Again...Alright...I thought of one more...It's a wonderful example to set for your kids. That running, exercising and making time for it is FUN and important! 

Hope you've enjoyed my top 10 and are a teensy weensy bit inspired to fit a workout in this week!

Would love to hear how/why you fit your own workouts in during the week.

If you are a mom with a blog and have recently written a post about ANYTHING that has to do with making us mommas better at our jobs (this is a very loose and broad category) please link up here! I'd love to see 5 link-ups by the end of the week...otherwise I'm coming to track you down! (:

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  1. I so love this. You know why I work out? I have more patience with my children. It literally makes me a better mom.

    Keep going!


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