Wednesday, May 30

A Photo Re-Cap: Graduation and Turtles

As promised here are the highlights of last week (namely, Ava's preschool graduation and our garden visitor!)....

Me with the girls right before Ava's preschool graduation. Oh look, Ella is smiling nicely! 

Dad with Ava

Grandpa (Scott's dad), Aunt KK (Scott's sister Caitlyn), Ella and myself waiting for graduation to start

The graduates on stage! Those hats were the cutest darned things...white plastic bowls, glued to cardboard that the kids decorated with paint and then red yarn tassels added to the fronts. 

One of several songs. This one about being a "star"! 

Ella, Aunt KK and Ava

Remember I told you that Ella has an aversion to smiling nicely for pictures...In case you needed more proof! 

About as good a "family photo" as we get these days!!! I look tired,  Scott looks very serious and at least one of the girls is making a crazy face! 

The turtle.   I looked out my window on Sunday morning, and though my eye sight was not great because I had yet to insert my contacts  I could tell there was something in the garden from our second story bedroom window...Low and behold, this was the something!!! 

Brave Scott pulling it out of the garden...Look at that mouth! I think he was part dinosaur!! 

The hole left where carrots were supposed to grow! 

A close up! 

His "ride" back to the retention pond. 

A final close up! 

An evening at the local driving range...Scott got to hit golf balls and the girls and I got ice cream! This is one of my favorite recent pictures.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into our recent lives...Hoping to post an update about my brother and his baby before the end of the week. 



  1. Beautiful! Love all the silly faces :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. So many cute pics! Miss you all! That big girl is going to be five in a few days. How did that happen?! She's so big, now. Getting a little misty eyed just typing it.

  4. Sorry about the first comment. Typo. What!? my comma still looks like a period. Whatever. ha ha


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