Saturday, September 1

Preparations for Kindergarten


New sneakers...check. 

Lunch box (a really cute one with her name embroidered on it! I agree, it was a totally unnecessary splurge, but a mom has got to have some fun, right?!)....check. 

School supplies, bought, labeled and dropped off at school...check. 

Reading lots of books about starting school (Ava's favorite happens to be Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten!)...check. 

Backpack hanging by the back door...check. 

New school clothes-- skirts, leggings, headbands, shirts, underwear, jeans, socks, shoes and a sweater or two...check, check, check! 

Cork board mounted in hallway with mesh wire folder container to hold and post the influx of paperwork and friendly reminders for things I'll be likely to forget if I don't post them on a wall...check. 

Shopping at Wegmans with Ava for fun, yummy things to put in her lunchbox...check! 

Mommy gave in a bought things like Little Debbie frosted and sprinkled brownies...GROSS! No, I didn't read the nutrition label...I refuse! But Ava is now at least excited for lunch next week...I took her out to lunch today and asked a simple question, 

 "Ava, what one thing are you excited about for school next week?" 
"Can it be anything mom?" 
"Of course." 
"Well... I'm excited for lunch!" she says as if she knows her answer might not count.
"You goofball!" I simply exclaim. "I'm excited for your lunch too!" least we've got something! She's not super pumped about giving up our daily adventures together to hang with a bunch of kids she doesn't yet know...I know I'm supposed to be pumping her up, but quite honestly I don't blame her!! We'll take it one day...or one lunch (with said brownies) at a time!

So, we're as prepared as prepared can be...I even bought Ava a little Tuesday morning gift and this scrapbook to let her open when she gets home on Tuesday afternoon. 

I'm expecting tears...probably mine, but I'll try to hold them back until after the bus pulls away!

Funny how you think all of those moms who talk about crying when their kids go off to kindergarten are just exaggerating and overreacting about their sadness over the whole thing...I always figured I'd be sending Ava off to school with a nudge and a smile. 

Come Tuesday I'll take my role as the exaggerated over-reactor. It's a role I'm ready to fully embrace.

Now if someone could just tell me how we went from this...

To this...

Virtually overnight...maybe it would help me in my mental preparations for Tuesday. 

Anyone else getting ready for school?! Would love to hear any first day of school traditions you have or what the most challenging part of sending your first off to kindergarten was! 


  1. I love this Lisa! What a precious post and what a precious pair you two make. And here I sit, sending my first off to her senior year! Hard to believe. Maybe I'll write a post about that :) Thanks for sharing this big step with your readers!

  2. My first is starting kindergarten too! We are both so excited. I will miss her but she loves people and learning so much it will be hard to be sad. I know her little sisters will be most sad but I'm hoping for some quality time with them. I did read this great idea where you take a picture on teh first day of school and then blow it up to at least 8x10. The next year you take a photo of her holding that photo. We are going to give it a try.

    Hope you both have a great first day!

  3. In my experience, splurging on backpacks and lunch boxes end up being worth it, because those things take a beating! I went the cheap route and paid for it. Literally! So glad to hear she had a wonderful day, hope you did too! :)


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