Wednesday, September 19

Whatever Wednesdays: Sunflowers

Nothing incredibly deep here today, just a reminder to smile at the beauty that surrounds us. God's beauty. The reminders of His artistry and love all around if we stop to see.

A favorite piece of the magnificent landscape, particularly at this time of year, are sunflowers. Incredibly bright, beautifully strong, reflecting the warmth of the sun from the ground back up to the sky.

Because I love sunflowers the girls and I did this fun little craft earlier this week...

Now they are taped to our kitchen cabinets and every morning since Ella inevitably looks up and says, with the most exuberant three year old voice you can imagine....


It's my morning reminder this week of how much I love the unfettered joy and enthusiasm of children and Ella is SO full of it that I hope you share in a bit of her joy through the reading of this post today. It's also my reminder to look at the sunflower taped to the cabinet and to smile, because I love the bright yellow flower and then because I'm thrilled that she's thrilled about the small, half thought out craft project we spent 20 minutes gluing together! 

So this morning, after Ella declared "SUNFLOWERS" while eating her breakfast, she all on her own put one of my favorite dresses on...brown with sunflowers on it...a dress I bought for $1 at a consignment sale at the end of last summer hoping it would fit this year. It does and it's one of those items I will probably hold onto for many, many years (perhaps to pass down to her someday!). 

Because it was chilly she put a sweater on over it this morning, but you can see the bottom half here! 

And, just to tie everything up here and close out my simple thoughts on sunflowers I decided to write a little haiku....just for the fun of it...because those were the kinds of things that were fun when I was a kid and that I don't take the time to do anymore. 

Sunflower calling
Notice the beautiful light
Reminds me to smile

What are the things that surround you daily that make you smile? 

If you're up to the challenge write a haiku about it ( very easy-- 3 lines, 5 syllables in the first and last and 7 in the middle!) and link your thoughts up here!!!

If sunflowers and haikus are not on your mind today, please link up whatever else you'd like for our little Whatever Wednesday link up! 

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