Wednesday, October 17

Finding Time to Write...Suggestions Please!

It's 9:52 p.m. and this is the first real free moment I've had all day.

I reach this point in the day and my head spins in 17 directions...Do I finish the book I'm supposed to write a blog review on? Do I read the book I'm reading for an impromptu reading group...Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst (an incredible book by the way!)? Do I work on a personal essay I've been thinking about? Write a thoughtful blog post about the bazillion things I have to be thankful for? Download pictures from my phone and organize them on my computer? Clean my completely disorganized office that I avoid spending time in because it's so disorganized?

Or...write a random blog post about how I don't know how to focus and make decisions any longer, especially at 10 p.m at night.

Obviously I opted for the later.

When my girls stopped napping I lost any semblance of daily personal blogging and writing was a luxury I suppose. Now I'm forced to find time in the "cracks" or "margins" as I've heard fellow friends and mothers describe their "free" moments.

Sadly, I'm not very good at that...utilizing cracks and thin margins to be efficient.

Sigh...What's a mom to two small children with one more on the way to do?!

A) Join a writer's group (or start one like we did!) and attend it even with your oldest child in tow and even if you have to spend 10 minutes with her in the bathroom of the coffee house talking about how she hasn't "gone" all day and "patiently" responding to her pleadings to just wait "right outside of the stall door so that she doesn't have to flush the toilet by herself because it might make a really loud noise."

Haha...nothing will get your literary juices flowing like good potty talk!

All joking aside, I'm thankful for the women in my writing group. Their persistence to keep writing and journaling and blogging in the midst of their busy lives inspires persistence in my life. Thank you!

(For the record, this is a true story from tonight!)

B) Get to know other writers who are "in the trenches" so to speak, and yet still somehow finding time to reach their goals. Writing mommas like Joceyln Green, the super nice gal I met at the Breathe Writers Conference in Michigan this past weekend. I SWEAR she wrote this post just for me today..."10 Tips for Time Starved Writers" . Thanks for the great post Jocelyn!

One of the things I've been thinking about most is that if I want to find consistent time to write and blog that I need to get up seems to be the only way. Guess what? One momma from my writing group (you go Kelly Baesen) just told me tonight how she has been getting up at 5 a.m. to write and then Jocelyn also mentions it in her post about finding time to write.

No more pregnancy, 'I'm too tired' may be time to set an alarm clock instead of depending on my terribly lazy circadian rhythm to wake me in the morning.

C) Sigh loudly and tell your husband that you cannot concentrate on your lame, unfocused blog post because he is talking loudly on the phone...only to find out that he is talking to your mother and thanking her for the sweet anniversary card and gift certificate that she gave you earlier that day.

So, I'm feeling like A and B may be moving me in the right direction...C...not so much...Sorry babe.

I'd love to hear your suggestions for fitting "it" in...whatever the "it" is in your lives...reading, writing, knitting, canning, painting, singing, volunteering...what is important to you and how do you find time to do it consistently?


  1. Grace, my beautiful friend. Give yourself some grace. That's number one.

    Next, you might have to explain to the girls that there is a certain time of the day that you "work". Set a timer and tell them that it's your "work" time and that they need to play by themselves during that time. The first few days might take work to get them trained...ahem...accustomed to this new bit of routine. But it will work. It is good for them to witness your discipline and dedication to the work that God has given you.

    Maybe start with 15 minutes and bump it up 5 minutes every few days until you've got a full hour to write.

    1. Thank you for the reminder Susie! Why is that sometimes it is hardest to offer grace to ourselves?! I like your idea of starting with 15 minutes or so...this year it is just Ella at home and she is pretty easy. I feel guilty about writing when she is awake/home but I think your idea is fantastic and that it's a false mommy guilt I need to shed...Now, if you could just live closer to me to give me those big hugs and remind me of this in person I'd be all set!! (:

  2. I write after my two boys go to bed - usually by 8 PM. If you only have a few "cracks" to write in, write in word or on another format you can save your thoughts on and then go back and work on it some more during your next break. When I find an effort quick to finish, I sometimes do two blog posts and save one for the net day. I like your blog and plan to read through some of your great ideas. Keep writing!


    1. Hi Monica-- I love the idea of starting a word doc to put my thoughts in throughout the day...that is not something I have tried before and can definitely see it being beneficial!!! Thank you!

  3. Oh my heavens, you are reading my mind here. I have the same post drafted, waiting to be published, but guess what? Can't find the time to finish it! I am so discouraged with my writing, because with a 3 month old, a 4 and 2 year old and no childcare, I literally can't find any time to write. Not to mention, when I do find snatches or bits of time, I am so exhausted it feels like I can't get the creative juices flowing, you know? I'd love to get up early, but the baby still wakes and eats as he pleases, so it feels like a lost cause.

    Sigh. It's such a struggle. I will pray for you and you pray for me? I'll all about encouraging each other! Maybe we should start an online 5 AM writing group so we can check in and encourage each other! :)

    1. Oh Chaunie- I can't even imagine how tired you are!!! I know everyone tells us that this is just a season, but somehow that little bit of knowledge doesn't seem to make the itch to write go away, does it?!!! Grrrr...I would LOVE to encourage you virtually!!! And even though I admire those who get up at 5 I don't see it happening any time soon...maybe 6?!!! I'll be in touch... (:


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