Saturday, January 12

A Winner and Saturday's "RMJs"

Hi Friends!

What a glorious day here in Buffalo. It's 55 degrees and sunny on a random Saturday in's quite unseasonal (and perhaps a bit disconcerting if you worry about things like global warming!), but I'll take it. My windows are open and fresh air is blowing through our stuffy and stagnant house after weeks of being buried in snow.

We're in the middle of all of the hustle and bustle that is Saturday mornings. Kids wanting to play, breakfast being made, cleaning up some of the messes from the week, finally taking our Christmas tree down (yes, it was still up until this morning! Intentionally, for the record!).

I don't have much time to write here, but wanted to announce the winner of the Desperate book giveaway and share some of my RMJ's (random moments of joy) from the morning.

So, the winner first...

                      Lovely Abigail from Traveling with Love

Enjoy Abigail! I'll get in touch for your mailing address!

I must say, I love doing giveaways because they are fun and I'm always SO thrilled for the winner (I've been on the winning end from time to time myself!), but I hate doing giveaways because I know all of you mommas could use the encouragement in this book and I wish I had a copy for each of you!!!

That said, you can order it on Amazon (here is the link to Desperate) and I said a prayer for each of you this morning that God would bless you each in your mothering journeys in some unexpected way this week.

My biggest RMJ this morning...There were actually so many it's hard to have just one (coffee, pancakes and an omlette all lovingly prepared by my husband...the little hands that delivered them to me in my bedroom as I typed this post and did some journaling...I felt like a princess, truly!), but this one took the cake...

My sweet five year old is really embracing the art of writing words and notes (as she learns how to spell and write in kindergarten) and took a scrap sheet of notebook paper and left this next to me on the bed...

My heart is full (as is my belly!).

We're off to make the most of our Saturday here. Blessings to all of you!!!

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  1. Thank you so much! Enjoy the warm day... so nice to air the house out at least once in the middle of winter!


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