Thursday, August 29

"Life's an Adventure"...Wise Words From My Better Half

     I actually started this post almost two weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, and never finished it. 
   I realized it didn't have a very linear storyline and wasn't sure what to do with it. I guess that is actually quite appropriate because it is very telling of life lately...a  life that feels more irregular than linear. More jagged than straight. 

     And so, without further adieu, here is a silly story about my wonderful husband who is incredibly supportive of my desires/need to blog and write as a way to process life and how he encourages me to get out of the house to do so even when things are crazy...

(Saturday...Two Weeks Ago...Whatever Day That Was!) 

     You will probably never guess where I'm sitting and writing this post. 

     No, not in a quiet room, with soft music playing...

     No, not in a local coffee shop with the aroma of french vanilla and dark coffee beans stimulating my senses and energizing my creative spirit...

     No, not in a library, or an office, or even a bedroom. 

     I'm writing this post in the backseat of my car, in the parking lot of a small, local park, next to a dumpster, three blocks from my house. There is a small, unoccupied, wading pool to my left and a long line of trees in front of me.

     I'm using the car seat base as an office organizer.

     See how nicely my pens fit in there?

That would be the mommy memoir "Sparkly Green Earrings" sitting there with my pens. It is a hilarious book and just what a tired momma should read at the end of her long days! 

      Here is my laptop, set up to be used from the back seat....

      I guess  you could call it my 'getaway car'.

      As many of you know, finding pockets of time to read, write and scratch notes in my many journals is one of the ways I re-energize. That said, the time and place for said things has been running low lately, you know with the baby nursing around the clock and the girls home from school/preschool all summer.

     That means momma is a little tired...and sometimes short tempered...and feeling a little bit at the end of her energy/stamina  supply. 

     So much so that when I went to Panera the other night to try to find a little bit of quiet I almost gave the lady next to me a dirty look because she was crunching her potato chips so loudly. 

        Don't you know that  I just escaped from the, house and it is supposed to be QUIET here?! 

     I considered partitioning off a 12 foot radius around me with "warning" tape. Quite frankly, it might have been better for everyone, innocent bystanders included. 

     And so here I am again, at least in a quieter spot this time and with a huge thanks to my incredible husband...He was my knight with shining laptop capabilities this morning.

      He not only gets kudos for being an awesome and supportive husband, he is my go to tech guy. As I was about to schelp all of my stuff up to the nursery again (computer, pens, paper, books, notebooks, power cords), he gave me a sympathetic looks and said, "Babe, maybe you should get out of here. It might be good to give yourself some distance of this...for a while."

     I was staring at him blankly while still dressed in the black leggings and tank I had worn to bed...I looked down and realized the leggings were on inside out.

     I glanced around at our perpetually trashed house and nodded my head..."There might be some truth to that."

      I almost put up a fight because I was not dressed to leave the house (obviously!) and it sounded like too much of a hassle, but he saw the hesitation in my eyes and jumped in to save me. 

      "I'll get you all set up," he responded confidentially.

      And he did. It was amazing. In the two minutes it took me to throw on some shorts and put my contacts in he set up his i-phone as a hotspot (router) in our truck, complete with my laptop, power cord and power source (because my laptop battery was dead (of course)) and had carried my bags out to the car for me. 

      See, knight with shining tech capabilities, isn't he?!! I didn't even know all of that was possible! 

      Unfortunately, as I got into the car to leave I looked down and realized I was almost out of gas which meant the car wouldn't stay powered long enough to power my laptop unless I took a detour to the gas station...

      My prince knew just what I needed. 

      "I'll get you some gas," he said. 

     Next thing I know he's got the gas can from the garage and is pouring it into the car. I started laughing aloud. 

      "Life's an adventure," he said as he topped off my tank. 

      I just stared at him with amazement and this is the thought that went through my head...

      I love my husband. He has great hair. What a wonderful, sweet guy...How romantic that he's filling up my gas tank.

       Yes, friends, this is what one's life comes too once you've been married for 10 years and have three children. You are turned on not by roses or nice dinners, but your husband who hasn't even brushed his hair putting gas into your gas tank, while you admire him from a distance sans make-up, and sporting your own unbrushed hair. 

      It's a beautiful thing. 

      So, why bother sharing all of this? 

     1. As a reminder that life IS an adventure and things seems to be easier to handle when    we view it as such

     2. So that those of you who wonder where/how/when I fit writing into my stay at home mom life know that it is in completely imperfect moments, under imperfect circumstances, often resulting in messy, unfocused blog posts and random essays that will forever take up space on my lap top

     3. To give a shout out to my wonderful husband because I don't tell him nearly enough how much I love him, how much he cracks me up and how much I appreciate how much he loves me and how wonderfully critical that laughter (from his jokes and antics) is in my life 

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  1. LOVE this! I never know where to go either once I have a chance to escape because everything I want to do is at home. :)


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