Saturday, May 3

5 Minute Friday Post: Mess

    I wasn't going to do a 5 Minute Friday post this week. Not because I didn't want to, mostly because I feel like I don't have time for anything lately...not even a 5 Minute Friday post, which I must confess, often takes me much more than 5 minutes because...well..I want it to be right, which is not the point at all.

     The point is to write, not for it to be right.  If it ends up being messy and very un-right, well that is kind of the point too.

     So...I was not going to write a 5 Minute Friday post this week and then, out of curiosity, I popped over to Lisa-Jo Baker's site to see what she had going on.

    I read the word. And the word for the week describes SOOO much of my life that I felt compelled to drop what I was doing and write for 5 minutes, even if it doesn't come out quite right.

    Even if it is...


    Which brings me to her word...Mess.

     Is your life messy? Is your house messy? Is your car messy?

Mine Is...And this is usually about how it makes me feel...

     Oh heavens, I could go on and on because lately every, every, every, EVERY little small life detail feels like a bit of a mess.

     The kids toys. The tupperware drawer. My spices. The mudroom. The bathroom pantry. My closet. Ella's closet. Ava's closet. Our shed. Our yard. The car. The playroom. The dining room. My meal planning (or lack thereof). My calendar (and the inconsistent way I write or don't write things on it). The laundry. The basement. The schedule. My mind.

     It's all a little chaotic and sometimes I hold back from starting anything new because the mess must be addressed first.

     Sometimes I have a hard time engaging with others, and I put off doing things that I really enjoy doing...(running, reading, writing, going out on a date with my husband, having coffee with friends, feeding the ducks with the girls or going for a walk) because it feels like I need to get a handle on my mess before I can do anything other than manage it.

     But, what if, as Lisa Jo proposes, we start doing life right in the middle of our mess?

     That's hard for me. And probably completely necessary. And probably the only way to actually do the things that matter.

    So this week, I promise, I will try to live more fully in the midst of my mess.

Five Minute Friday

This post is part of 5 Minute Friday- a place where hundreds come together to write for 5 minutes about a new word each week, hosted by the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker.


  1. Popping over from FMF. Oh my goodness! This is my post! A little different but similar. Busy, messy life, etc. I promise too that I will live life more fully in the midst of my mess with you.

  2. Hallo, sailing over from FmF. Our messy lives.....mine is messy in a different way. Emotionally I'm messy - you are the first person I've actually said it too. I don't dare write about it or voice it to my hubby. It feels good saying it to a stranger. makes it a little less lonely. So yes. Messy lives. Messy hopes & dreams. Messiness all around. Hopefully the sun will shine again. And I can make sense of my live.

  3. Love your pictures! Our messes can help us to focus on what is important. I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Sometimes, it helps if I remember that the mess actually holds those that are most important to me. It helps if I stop focusing on things and put my focus on the people within. It helps if I remember that God knows my messes. I love your pictures and just so you know, I could never post my own messes. I love that you have the trust to do so.


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