Tuesday, May 6

Something Fun About Turning One

           Those of you who saw my Facebook posts over the weekend already know that this sweet chubby cheeked child turned one over the weekend.

            One. One...One!

            The year seems to have flown by at lighting speed, with mom and dad standing by wide-eyed marveling at her new steps, new words (um, babbles),  and ever present smiles. We stand amazed at all of the changes in her and the fast pace of life which clumps many of the best moments  into a blur of images that feel more like the fast forward reel of a movie than the slowly formulated snapshots and memories that we hope we're creating.

         "Stop growing! Don't get any bigger! Slow down!" we repeat in steady cadence to at least one of our sweet girls every day.

          While the girls like to chide us that they will not stop growing and that they want to be bigger (just as we did when we were kids when we thought there was magic in getting older, only to realize as adults that the real magic seems to be found in being younger!), even Ava looked at me this week and said, "Mom, I'm sad that Aubrey is getting so big."

            Ava has enjoyed the cuddles, snuggles and baby stage just as much as we have. Probably more so, as a matter of fact, since she experienced them sans sleepless nights and having to change the stinkiest of diapers!

           Never the less, one is fun. Aubrey is walking all over the house and serves both as comic relief and a good dose of baby hugs all when we need them the most.

         So, in honor of her turning one I leave you with a short little bit of poetic silliness....

There is something fun about turning one
in case you didn't know.

I'm doing more and saying more
and finding new places to go.

I smile big, giggle loud and open my arms wide
I blow raspberries with my rosy lips and behind the door I hide

I pop out and say peek-a-boo while you all laugh at me.
There is something fun about turning one,
so excuse me friends, I have places to be!

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