Thursday, June 10

How Much Time Would It Take You to Catch Up On Life?

     I like to entertain this question sometimes...usually, it enters my mind in the form of a random when I was laying on my bed this afternoon wanting to fall asleep because the girls were finally sleeping and none of us slept very well last night...I was so tired, but with a book, three magazines and several unopened pieces of mail sitting next to me I sat wondering when I would have time to read through all of it and then this thought popped into my head,

"If only I had a week to myself. I would be able to get EVERYTHING done." 

My everything would include doing a deep cleaning of the house from top to bottom; windows, baseboards, around the bottom of the toilet-- you know, all the gooky places in the house that often sit unclean. I would straighten and rearrange kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and all closets, throwing out everything we didn't need any longer. 

I would visit a cool place like the Container Store (maybe I should re-phrase the above to say "a week to myself and hundreds of dollars of extra cash!") and buy containers and organizers for EVERYTHING: barrettes, craft supplies, crayons, cleaning supplies, junk drawer stuff....everything that currently doesn't have a place. 

I would clean out our garage, and then our basement...If I was feeling really motivated I'd put all the junk in one place and organize it for a big ole garage sale at the end of my  miracle week. 

After all the cleaning was done I would organize the three years of photos of the girls that are laying in bags around our house; framing some, albumming others. 

I would re-organize my "office" to really function as a writing space and not just a catch all for all of the miscellaneous papers and coupons and magazines that I have no other place to put. Then I would sit down and start writing. I'd start file folders for book ideas and magazine ideas...maybe I'd even send a query or two to a magazine. 

I would read. read. read. All of the newspaper articles and magazines sitting around that I've wanted to read and then start one or two of the books I have piled up as well. 

All the laundry in the whole house would be washed, dried and put away and since I'd be the only one here I'd wear the SAME clothes ALL week so that there was no more laundry to do! 

I would clean out my fridge...grime and all. 

I would clean out my car...grime and crackers and all.

I would go for long runs and sip wine in the evening. Then I would catch up on the 5+ hours of DVR'd stuff that has been recording over the past month. 


Doesn't that sound incredible?

What would you do? I'd love to hear!!

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