Thursday, September 2

Bargain Shopping and Too (or "two") Small Boots

I don't usually post pictures of my children's clothing, but I got some GREAT bargains today and this momma LOVES! a bargain.

My sister and I frequent the same local consignment shop and both agree we have found some of our favorite clothing items there. Fortunately, since she has two boys and I have two girls, we can go shopping there together without it turning into sibling rivalry or a competitive shopping match of any sort!

We love the store because it's a great place to get brands like Gymboree and Gap at a fraction of the cost...I shop Gap sales at the store regularly as well, but Gymboree is for moms in a different league than my own (hope I'm not offending any friends here, but I just can't see spending $24.50 for a pair of jeans that will be worn for 6 months or $34.50 for a dress-- my clothes often don't cost that much)!

We also love the store because, unlike some consignment shops that have clothing that looks like your mother might have put you in it 27 years ago, this store's clothing is always in GREAT shape and there is  usually a pretty good selection of stuff.

Anyway...their prices are a big high on a regular basis, but they run these great 50% off sales, like the Labor Day Weekend Sale they have every year! You have to get there early though...seriously, it was like those crazy brides you see at the Filene's Basement wedding dress sale in Boston every year-- people line up at the door and can get NASTY!

All that said, here is a bunch of the stuff I got today. I didn't pay more than $5.50 for most of these items...there was one glitch, but I'll tell you about that at the end of the post!

Cute Gap t-shirt with an apple pattern and these ADORABLE jeans (Gap also)

the cutest darn pocket on the back of the jeans!

Two almost new Old Navy dresses and a Gap sweater

A navy blue Land's End t-shirt and pink corduroy pants

Little mary janes for Ella!

This outfit for Ella-- a Gymboree top and Gap jeans

... and a reversable Carter's jacket for fall

I also got Ava the cutest backpack for $4 and 4 books for .60 each! 

So here was the one glitch! 

I saw these boots in the front window and have wanted to splurge on a pair of Pediped shoes or boots for one of my girls for the longest time- 

Aren't they cute?! 

Some crazy rich Williamsville  (the town the store is in) mom probably paid list price for these ($56!) and her daughter wore them once or twice because you cannot even see scuff marks on the bottoms! 

That said, when the owner told me they were $21.50 I thought "wow, what a great deal for $11!" -- well, turns out they were probably the ONLY item in the store that was "final sale" which meant they were not 1/2 off, but the regular price she had them listed at. I didn't realize that until after the fact, at which point I almost took them back, but figured they were probably still worth $21.50 since they are real leather....

Here is the hitch...

Ella has FAT feet! We don't call her "our little meatball" for nothing! 

So, even though she wears a size 5 and these boots are a size 5, do you think they fit her?!

Not so much! 

It was like trying to squeeze the glass slipper onto one of Cinderella's step sister's was NOT happening...

Of course, after I got home and read the reviews online I find that they "run narrow" and "1/2 a size small"...not a good combo for little Ella's chubby feet! 

So...Scott tried to take them back and said it was a good thing I didn't go because I would have cried (he's probably right!)...the lady was not very nice...

My only consolation is that they sell pretty well on E-bay (I looked) for anywhere between $20-$ apparently it is time to learn our way around the internet sales world and sell those puppies online! 

Here's to bargains and "not so" bargains (and the time that it all takes!) whilst we shop for our children! 

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  1. You did get some cute things! I'm totally jealous of your consignment shop and you've motivated me to try harder to find a good one in my area! Bummer about the boots being too small, but who knows you may actually make money selling them on Ebay!


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