Monday, September 13

Counting My Blessings

I am having a thankful day today. Just thought I'd share.

Isn't it so true that gratitude changes our attitude...not that today is a day where I'm in need of an attitude adjustment (though there are MANY of those)...but, nonetheless, I think that it is as important to be as verbal about our blessings as we are about our bad days, so here goes.

It was just about one year ago this week that we moved into our house. I can hardly believe that!

I can hardly believe it because one year ago when we moved into our house SO many things felt unsettled.

We had just spent the summer living at Scott's dad's house. MUCH of our stuff was still in storage. We had our family here (which is a blessing in and of itself) but I had just left a great community of mommy friends-- great, loving, Christian, encouraging mommy friends. Scott was starting a new job and felt tentative and unsure about the whole thing.  Ella was just 6 months old and I was still adjusting to life with two children. We had no church home.  We weren't sure where to get involved or how. We didn't know our neighbors and not one of them stopped by to say hello. I was trying to unpack and establish order while my young children prefer to implement disorder--and I so desperately wanted to have "places" to put our know, everything has a place and everything in its place!

So much felt strange and unfamiliar.

It's hard to believe that was just 12 months ago!

God has been incredibly good to us this year and for that I am so THANKFUL and feel like we have been so blessed.

Scott and I feel like we have been here forever already...

We feel settled into our house and have met some wonderful people in our neighborhood. We just recently had a little neighbor dessert get-together and it was so nice we hope to do more!  

I have reconnected with old friends and have connected with many new friends. Because my sister also has two children and was very invested in her church community here I have been blessed to be invited to many events and meet many people through her. We ended up attending her church, which we feel is one of the best churches EVER! (check them out online and as of recently Scott has started to play guitar on their worship team (a total blessing for him!) and I'm the newly appointed "publicity" momma for our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group.

Through church, MOPS, and my sister I have met some AWESOME women-- mothers mostly-- who are all on the same page and mostly want the same things for their children.

Though I am far from uber-organized (and am beginning to accept that as part of my personality!) things are mostly settled and have a place (when I get around to putting them there!). Our home is a great place for our family and we all feel settled and happy here.

Scott's job is going well. I've found a couple of new writing gigs (and ventured into blogging!) and it has been wonderful to have our family so close (I'll write more about that tomorrow).

God is good!

I've decided that I feel so blessed that I'm going to write a bit about each of these blessings each day this week. Here is my "mini-series" schedule:

                                     Tuesday: Family
                                     Wednesday: Friends
                                     Thursday: Neighbors
                                     Friday: Church
                                     Saturday: Everything in Between! 

Here's to a week of counting my blessings.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I too am feeling blessed at the moment and it is a TRUE GIFT when God allows our feelings to line up with his perfect plan for our lives...


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