Wednesday, October 6

A Day in the Life...

Since the creative juices aren't flowin' verbally today I decided I'd treat you to a visual "day in the life".  After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Scott and I seem to ponder daily how it seems virtually impossible, when left alone with both girls, to get ANYTHING, accomplished. Seriously. How do two tiny human beings have that much power to distract you from ALL things "productive"?

Last night I attended week 3 of a 4 week writing class that takes place on Tuesday nights...Scott was predictably a bit tense when I got home.

"Dude. Really? You thought you were going to get something done?" I wanted to say.

I opted for, "Tough night?"

He growled.

"Seriously Lis. After picking up after them all night I thought for just 4 minutes I might be able to strum a few chords on my guitar while they were in the bathtub..."

I raised my eyebrows, Really, you did? they said.

"Sorry hun," I know.

So, by 9 a.m. this morning, after Ella had pooped on the floor (literally! I took her diaper off because she was SOAKED through from the night and she ran away from me for two thing I know I look over and...well...I'll spare you the details...) and dumped an entire bowl of cheerios on the kitchen floor while I was making breakfast, I decided to just take pictures of the whole darn thing since I knew I wasn't going to have the energy to write anything creative, or poignant by the time I got around to writing a blog post. So here goes!

When I came downstairs at 6:45 (after falling asleep at 11:45 and Ava crawling into my bed at 6:00 am.) I found this sitting on the counter...Ava has a band-aid compulsion lately...

While I was prepping breakfast Ella dumped an entire bowl of Cherrios on the floor does't look so bad here, but there were quite a few... Big sister Ava helped pick them up. 

Finally I got breakfast in front of the girls at 9 a.m. Scrambled eggs and french toast! 

Big sister feeding little sister...

While they were eating breakfast I started on the dishes...yes, that is a doll you see in our dishrack...Ava decided to "bathe" Dora last night and since she is battery operated she needed to dry out...not sure if she still works...

Ava pulled out the play-dough (which crumbled in many little pieces all over the kitchen floor!) while I finished cleaning the dishes. 

The girls hanging out on Ava's bed while I attempt to put my contacts in...Ella's diaper is full...and had been for like 10 minutes by the time I took this picture and then I changed it....this was an hour after the poop situation I mentioned above...

Perhaps my favorite moment of the day...Ava's hair in pigtails before music class! 

and my second favorite moment...their matching sneakers! 

Ella found her way into music instructors lap during class...sitting still is not really her forte...I just let her wander...

Lunch time at the Littlewood household...

Finally I get them both down for naps and need to take a pee and I find that someone, at some point during our crazy morning, had so kindly prepped the toilet for me...

After naps we make applesauce...

Then we take Pooh Bear and Elmo for a walk...(Ava is way ahead of us with pooh!)

Then we finish the day with hotdogs and french fries...well, except for me...I had a veggie burger and french fries...

And so, that currently leaves us (at 6:30) with a trashed house, and Scott is off to band practice until 9:30...and since it's been a busy day already I'm going to pretend I don't see all that is trashed around the house, drop the girls off at my moms for an hour and run like heck on the treadmill! 

Hope you enjoyed my photojournalism! 


  1. Love it, love all of it!!! Every pic was better than the next. I LOVE the pic of the two of them sitting there with Ava in her pigtails. The matching sneakers, oh my goodness how adorable!


  2. Funny as usual, I had a poo incident last week involving the curtains! I wish my mum could pop over and babysit (shame she's in England).

    By the way, I have an award for you over on my blog. You can pick it up here:

  3. Funny ab the poop. My 2 year old, pooped on the bathroom floor tonight, then his sister attempted to attack. So glad he no longer has baby poop. LOL!

  4. he, he, just thinking of you today and wondering how all was. i guess i got my answer. can't believe how grown up your two mischief makers look. i'll spare you the details of my crazy. but i'm learning that chaos is normal. peace is heaven. (literally and figuratively! :) )#3 here we come!! praying you and scott have time to carve a little peace and quiet out for yourselves. keep laughing!
    hugs from your ma pals,


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