Friday, November 12

Do The BIG ROCKS First

Here is the Stephen Covey video on organizing your life that I referred to in my other post today!


  1. Lis, this is too crazy that you wrote that post! I too just decided to start reading the bible for the same reasons and thought the SAME things that you did! Yeah, what the heck Noah! Drunk AND naked? And the same thing about God! Where'd he come from? Was he an actual being that everyone could see or just a voice that called down to them? It has really made me want to get into a bible study group or at least sit with a pastor and discuss this. What also really bothered me right in the beginning was the fact that God wiped out human kind with the flood! That was pretty dark! I'm sure I'm going to stumble on lots of other issues as I read through it! We'll have to chat more about it when I see you in NINE days!!!!! Yea!!!

  2. Lisa, this is similar to the Pickle jar theory of life. It relates life and our day and events to canning pickles. I'll look it up and post it for you

  3. Carolyn, would love to read about the pickle jar!

    Lin, You and I may need to go shopping to find some good bible commentary book or something!!


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