Friday, November 12

Miscellaneous Meanderings

Funny what you'll do for a little free time after you become a parent.  Like this morning, when I woke up at 5 a.m. to tend to Ella who was crying, and then found myself tossing and turning and thinking about all sorts of things...and then it dawned on me, "if you get up right now you will have a quiet house to drink coffee in and read and write for potentially two hours (even though you'll be REALLY tired later because you went to bed at midnight!)"

Now in the world of pre-k (pre-kids) the idea of getting out of bed before 6 a.m. without reason would have struck me as completely ridiculous...I would have tossed and turned myself right back to sleep, especially given that I went to bed so late last night-- but these days all sleep bets are off...quiet "free" time trumps sleep in this world!

So now, instead of letting things churn in my head, you get to hear them I drink a really big cup of freshly brewed Starbucks Verona (my favorite...hint.hint) with eggnog and vanilla creamer.

If you've ever attended a Franklin Covey seminar you would have heard their analogy (and perhaps seen the classic video, which I've posted on my blog for you to watch-- see the post titled "Big Rocks First") about trying to fit the important things in your life have to put the big rocks in your container first and then fill in with the little stuff, i.e. make time for the things that are truly important and let all the little stuff "fill in" the space around them.

So, without saying much more about big and little rocks (watch the video!), I'm offering a run-down of three of my big rocks right now (faith, writing, organizing my house) and what I'm thinking in regards to them.

1. My faith...a constant journey...a figuring out...a discovery process that is sometimes very confusing, but at all times incredibly encouraging and gives me reason for hope and guidance for my days.

One way I've decided to strengthen my  current "faith muscles" is to read through the entire Bible in one year. I've been in church all of my life, and no, I've never read the entire Bible. I know all the "important" stories and can certainly talk the talk of a long-standing lady whose been in the church, but lately I've been thinking that seeing as the Bible is God's inspired word given to us I should read the whole thing.

There is a pretty cool line of Bibles that you can buy called the One Year Bible (published by Tyndale) that includes all of the required readings in order for you, broken down into 365 days. My sister recently told me about the chronological reading list that you can print right from their website, which is what I've decided to use.

My readings have been kind of eye opening this week...they've also prompted a LOT of questions and I'm only on day 4! Here are a couple of examples...

Eye-Opening: In my reading yesterday I found out that shortly after Noah got off of the arc he got really drunk in his vineyard one night and passed out...NAKED! ONe of his sons told the other two, who eventually dragged him into a tent and covered him up. When he found out he was so mad at the first son that he put a curse on him!

What is THAT all about?!!

Which brings me to my I'm reading through I wish I had a theologian sitting right next to me because obviously there is some backstory to the above story...I mean I feel kind of bad for the son who was cursed...I mean, didn't Noah sort of bring the whole thing on himself?!

And then, while I was reading the whole creation story I couldn't help thinking about all sorts of crazy questions... Where did God come from? If He thought it would be cool to create creatures called humans on this little planet in the mist of an incredibly unfathomably big universe, did he create other life in other places? or just us? How long had God been in existence before he decided he should create "the heavens and the earth?

Perhaps I'll say more about all of this in another post...but pretty crazy stuff and I'm excited to read more.

2. My desires to write and encourage other people (particularly women) in some way....As most of you know, one of my biggest struggles as a stay at home mom has been trying to figure out how to integrate some really big desires and passions in the areas of writing/encouraging/teaching into this crazy mothering life. At times I feel that the integration of the two has been unsuccessful...but then I step back to look at the big picture. While major doors or opportunities have seemingly not opened, a lot of little, one time, writing opportunities have...and I'm learning to be content with that for now (even though I can tend to get as frantically frustrated as an impatient toddler in regards to these things!).

We are an impatient people in a microwave society who want everything NOW! If I saw other people waiting patiently for things perhaps it would be easier! Yet, everywhere I turn I see another book published or mommy freelancer making headway in the vast publishing world.

And that is where my faith MUST come into play...

The funny thing is, lately, when I ask God when my "big chance" is going to come (or if it ever is?!)...want to know what I feel like He's saying back...

"Clean your house."

I'm serious.

Which leads me to my next big rock...

3. Re-organizing my house and my life. If you read my last post (Absent Minded Momma) you have a little big of the backstory on this. A quote I heard once comes to mind when I think about this area of my life, "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got." In other words, go ahead Lisa, keep on using your same old methods for organizing, running your day and managing your time and you'll keep losing birthday presents, and keys, and important documents and missing or showing up late for appointments, etc. etc. etc.

So, I have an book called Simply Your Life that I'm starting to read and I plan on calling the professional organizer that I have a coupon for. That said, at the end of the day, some of it comes down to basic common sense.

I'm reestablishing habits I used when I was in high-school in college...meaning, I'm starting binders and files for things (Christmas, coupons, important documents, recipes, craft ideas, etc.) as if they were the "subjects" (i.e. math, english, science) in my life. I'm also trying to do simple things like take the two minutes to put away my cosmetics and face wash and toothbrush after I'm done using them instead of leaving said stuff all over the counter until the end of the week when a bazillion other things are added to them and the bathroom starts to look like that of a frat house instead of a family home.

And, as I said earlier, God really did tell me to clean my house. Truly, I've been praying about the writing/professional thing for months and when I ask "When God?" God says, "When you get your act together!"

Not in a mean way...just in a, "Lisa, I love you and I did give you these desires, but seriously, you can't handle anything more or anything bigger until you start to manage what you have. Clean your house. Get you act together. Create a peaceful home for your family and then we can talk."

So, those are the big rocks in my life right now...Obviously continuing to become a better mother, and being a good wife are also big is exercise (to burn off the girl scout cookies and pizza that my husband brought into my life yesterday).

Would love to hear from anyone one out there reading this!

Tell me, What are your big rocks? How do you balance them? Have you ever read the entire Bible? Do you have desires outside of parenthood that you find challenging to fit into your life? How do you do it?

You don't have to answer all of those questions, just share a thought or two!

Cyber hugs to all of you! Have a beautiful day.


  1. HI! I found your blog after reading your comment on Sandy's (God Speaks Today) post. I like what you wrote today:) I'm had LOTS of questions after starting the OT (reading Job right now) and would love to have my own "pocket-size theologian" to answer the big questions.

    If it makes you feel better, I'm a fairly organized person and love to do that kind of thing and some days I can barely keep it together. It's nice to hear real stories:) I usually misplace things I've bought ahead because I hide them from my kids and then go onto 50 other things and then 3 weeks later can't remember where my great hiding spot is. I'm convinced we leave part of our brains in the delivery room with each birth...not sure how to fix that

    Have a great weekend

  2. I did a very indepth, year-long course with 4 others from my church in 2005-2006 reading and discussing the entire Old Testament. We got great materials, and had tests along the way to challenge us with memorizing. It was a course to train us to branch out and teach others in the congregation. Wonderful! TJ and I switched churches right after getting married in 2006, or I'd have done the New Testament in a year training, too. I really do best with a classroom environment; beyond just the advantage of having great discussions, support and accountability, the "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am" really brings the knowledge even closer to my heart. Maybe you could coordinate with somebody to also do it?
    I love that you pointed out the microwave culture that drives our impulses. When I got out of college I was able, finally!, to join my church's contemporary band, and we'd rehearse at our leader's house. From time to time I'd relax with his wife in the kitchen to talk and have tea. They, even at their stage of life with five kids between 12 and 5, had never bought a microwave. If something needed reheating, it went in the oven. Man! How beautiful to give yourself that sort of time to prepare for the thankfulness and joy of good food! (Ok, that's a silly sentence, but you know what I mean.) It matched their household Franciscan focus and values. And I have NO IDEA how they were able to set that pace!


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