Wednesday, June 20

What I DID DO Wednesdays: Round 2

What I DID DO Wednesdays is a chance to relish in all you DID accomplish on a given day in the past week no matter how small (think jumping in puddles with your 3 year old son).

We're going to try this out every Wednesday for the summer and I hope that some of you jump in with me...I happen to be a bit of a voyeur when it comes to other people's lives...I'm interested in what they're doing, how they're doing it, how they're balancing the good, the hard and the crazy in their days. Learning how others live their lives sometimes helps me to live mine a little bit differently...You?

So, whether you have a blog or not, jot down everything you DID do today. It will make you feel just a little bit better about yourself...I promise! (I did this for the first time a couple of months ago with my husband and it was super can read about that here if you'd like!).

If you're feeling courageous I'd love for you to either leave a comment listing all that you DID do today (or yesterday...or any day from the last week you can remember the details of!), or write your DID DO's up in a blog post and link up below...either way is great! is my DID DO list from yesterday.

DID DO list from Tuesday, June 19th

- While the girls watched a morning television show on the couch I snuck out onto our back patio to read my Bible and journal. It was a BEAUTIFUL morning and I was working on calming my soul to really BE in my moments throughout the day.

I DID notice the bird singing, the flowers blooming around me, the wind blowing my journal pages, the sun on my face...the peace of God when I finally slowed down enough to see, feel and hear. It was a wonderful way to start my morning.

-I DID make and clean up breakfast (fruit shakes and bagels for the girls, Ezekial toast and grapefruit for me)

-I DID assist in manicures for both girls. The girls lugged the nail polish, a towel, cotton balls and nail polish remover into the kitchen. I was not super excited, but they were so I obliged and helped to remove old polish and trim and paint their nails.

-I DID get a 45 minute workout in at the gym (the girls hung out in their childcare room)

-We DID stop and greet our favorite babysitter hello on the way home from the gym.

-I DID make yummy homemade quesadillas for the girls and a tomato/avacado/cucumber salad for myself for lunch.

-I DID squeeze in a shower while the girls played in their room.

-I DID squeeze in a short nap with Ella by my side.

-I DID spend time doing workbook pages with my 5 year old who LOVES to do workbook pages.

-I DID dress the girls for outdoor play with the neighbors, secure cold water bottles for everyone and then cut the front lawn.

-I DID throw dinner together (Frozen fish, roasted red potatoes, beets from our crop share and green beans)

-I DID watch Diego with Ella after dinner because she was feeling a little blue and asked if I would.

-I DID make it out to Barnes & Noble where I sipped on an herbal iced tea and wrote the majority of this post so that I would NOT need to rush around doing it tomorrow!

How 'bout you? What have you been up to? 


  1. I think you might be Wonder Woman. :)I get really excited when I DO get some writing done. And that's what I intend to do right now.


    1. Haha Susie...Maybe I'll done a red tube tube top and some blue spanks next week! LOL.

      I feel SOOOO far from super woman EVERY does really help though to stop and consider the things we do in the course of a's most often not the things we "think" we're going to do, but in many cases I suppose they are the things that actually matter...

      thanks for the Birthday wishes!! I've LOVED seeing all of your FB posts about the characters you are concocting!! If you need anyone to read chapters or part of a draft, I'm all eyes/ears!!!!!


  2. You are such a fun mom! You're girls are blessed!

    I'll be mentally taking note of all the things I actually do today - because usually - as I lay down each night, I think about all the things I didn't get done. I like you're way better! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Blessings to you,
    Kate :)

    1. Kate....with those 3 kiddos over there I bet you'd have a LONG list of things you actually did during the day!!!! Thanks for your sweet words.

  3. - I fed three girls three meals today along with yummy snacks!
    - I went to the chiropractor twice because my back has me walking very funny.
    - I met with two young women who want to know more about Jesus.
    - I took three girls to the library to pick out new books to read!
    - I read those three little girls tons of books today.
    - I caught up on my blog reading!
    - I exchanged some meaningful e-mails with friends.
    - I changed lots of diapers!
    - I ate well today rather than shoving food in because I didn't take the time to eat.
    - I remembered how blessed I am in the life that I have.
    - Geez, it seems I could go on forever! Fun stuff! : )

    1. LOVE this!!! Particularly rock!!! How often do we get so busy during our days that we might not make that time for those needing to hear about Jesus!! Great job momma!!!


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