Sunday, November 22

Chaos and Grocery Lists

Have you ever tried, for like 40 minutes, to write a grocery list, but you can't seem to complete the task because there is Christmas music coming from the living room, a two-year old shrieking as she dances to it, your 9 mo. old crying from the kitchen because she is frustrated that she cannot complete the task of completely emptying the tupperware from your cupboard ( a cupboard she shouldn't be in, but you haven't had the time to put locks on!), there are pieces to a peeled, but uneaten banana on the counter, all of your children's toys are in your living room because you are painting the playroom, and there are dishes and random pieces of food and wrappers from breakfast, lunch and dinner randomly strewn about the kitchen.

Is this just my life? Oh no, it's my husbands too...don't we feel better?! We just looked at each other and laughed out's all we could think to do.

It's 7:16 and here is the rest of our to-do list for the day:

  1. finish washing, drying and folding laundry
  2. clean entire kitchen
  3. finish painting playroom
  4. run to grocery store for groceries for the week
  5. have a glass of wine with husband who I haven't talked to all day
  6. read the Sunday newspaper
  7. write blog
At least I can cross #7 off my list...perhaps I'll write something of more substantial purpose tomorrow...

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