Friday, November 27

Giving Thanks

So much to be thankful for this year! Here is a partial list:

1. Scott found a job in Buffalo, allowing us to be near family...while we don't always love Buffalo, we do love our family and the relationships our girls are building with them.

2. My brother got married two weeks ago to a great girl. Welcome to the family Dani!

3. My parents celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary on Thanksgiving. What a beautiful thing. Thank you for your example Mom and Dad.

4. My sister is due with her second son in less than a week. She's feeling great and the baby is growing well.

5. We have a wonderful, warm home to raise our girls in.

6. Our girls are healthy, happy and developing so beautifully. Nothing makes us happier than to see the two of them playing together.

7. Ella is sleeping through the night!!!!

8. We have so many wonderful friends who are a part of our lives; those we've reconnected with in Buffalo, and those we miss and stay connected with in Massachusetts.

9.We have SO many things that we take for granted everyday; t.v's, televisions, dishwashers, warm beds, two cars, plenty of clothes, books, food, DVR and disposable diapers! The list goes on and on.

10. Scott and I have a wonderful marriage, but even more wonderful is our shared faith in God, which forms the foundation of our marriage and offers us tools to navigate through this crazy life together.

Thanking God for the abundant blessings in our life. 

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