Wednesday, November 25

One of those afternoons...

Here is a funny little mom story for the day. So, Scott and I are in the process of picking out paint colors for our house. We bought the house about 3 months ago, and have really been itching to make it feel more like "ours". Because colors can be so difficult to settle on, I've been buying all of these little paint samples to try around the house. Our two year old thinks it's pretty cool that mommy is painting on the wall so I've been letting her take a few swipes at the wall under my close supervision... (repeating incessantly, "now, Ava, we ONLY do this when MOMMY is with you and says so!")

Well, today, I had her painting on the dining room wall and her little sister (9 mo.) crawled out of the dining room and into the bathroom. While I knew I should have checked on her more quickly, she's usually pretty safe in the bathroom so I let her play for a minute while we finished our small spot on the wall. In the meantime, Ava proceeded to accidentally swing her paintbrush at my favorite black turtleneck leaving a nice big swipe right in the middle. While I ran to rinse my shirt out in the kitchen sink in an attempt to save it, I hear a battle ensuing from the bathroom.

Ava is mostly potty trained, but recently we've been bringing her small training potty up to the bathroom to practice pooping, which she's having a hard time with.  Well, of course, Ava had peed in her training potty earlier in the morning and did not tell me so that I could clean it out (she's supposed to pee on the big potty, so I don't usually check). Ella (9 mo) was in the bathroom, with the lid to the training potty up and shaking the bowl to watch the pee move around. Ava promptly  RAN to the bathroom and proceeded to try to pull the potty (full of pee) out of Ella's hand, saying "My pee, my pee, MYYYYY PEEEE!" So if you can picture the two of them playing tug-o-war with the small bowl that holds the pee to the potty. I enter quickly from the kitchen with only a bra on (I had just taken my paint filled shirt off to wash in the sink) to see what all of the fuss is about and find them fighting over the potty bowl with pee sprinkled around them and the floor. I promptly ban them both from the bathroom in tears and covered in pee and decided it was time for an impromptu bath.

And I wonder why I need a nap when the girls sleep everyday?!

Why do I share this? Why not, right? I figure if one of these days you think your day is feeling really really crazy, perhaps you'll think, "well, it's not as bad as pee and paint all over the place!" or maybe it is, but either way we're laughing together, right?!

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