Friday, March 5

A Day in the Life...

I'm joining all of the gals, started by Kelly's Korner, who are sharing their "day in the life of" schedules today (I found the link on "It Feels LIke Chaos", another blog I love to read!) know the nitty gritty, down and dirty (literally!) details of mommy life...oh such tantalizing reading material, I know!

The funny thing is, it is tantalizing reading material to other makes us all feel a little more normal, so here goes! I'm going to use yesterday's schedule as an example since we were out and about a little has been a lot of hangin' out in pj's and cleaning things up.

6:55: our one year old usually wakes up...usually happy and babbling away, which is refreshing...Scott and I usually pull her into bed for 15 or 20 minutes and she sits there and points to things and says "ga", "ga", "ga" while we try to close our eyes for a few more minutes

(on days when she sleeps in I get up around 7 and come downstairs, make some coffee and sneak some prayer time in before the girls get up)

7:15 I get up and get dressed because I know we need to leave the house before 9 and if I don't get dressed before Ava gets up things get kinda hairy!

8:00 our two year old wakes up. Let the games begin!

8-8:15 Make a bottle (still 1/2 milk 1/2 formula) for our 1 year old, give it to her, change her diaper. 2 year old usually sits on the couch and eats dry cheerioes and watches Curious George while I start slowly moving around the kitchen, unloading the dishwasher and prepping breakfast.

8:15 Feed both girls breakfast. While they are strapped into chairs I motor around the kitchen getting a diaper bag ready for MOPS, and run upstairs and grab clothes for both of the girls.

8:40 Wipe the girls down. Get them both out of chairs. Dress them both for MOPS.

8:45 Grab jackets, shoes, bags, sippy cups. Put coats on the girls and do get them both in the car by 8:55!

9:30-11:30 MOPS. This was our first time at MOPS at the church we've started to attend recently. Ella is finally ok to skip her morning nap so I'm feeling better about going. (We haven't gone all year because it made such a mess of the afternoon nap schedule-both girls not napping at the same time! that it wasn't feeling worth it!)

12:00-1 Home for lunch! Feed the girls, eat something light, throw some chicken in the crockpot for soup.

1-2- I put coats and shoes back on the girls, grab blankets and bundle them both in the double jogger. Not a big fan of running with the double jogger, but I decided I need to be tough if I'm really doing a 1/2 marathon, so I pack them up and off we was a long windy run, and Ava will NOT stop asking me questions...I end up turning my i-pod up and she stops asking me questions...(does that make me a bad mom? lol)

2:15- Stop to chat with some neighbors and find out they are Christians. So cool! (We just moved into the neighborhood in September).

2:30-3:00 Make a bottle for Ella. Give it to her and put her down for an afternoon nap. Read to Ava, shut her lights for her nap.

3:00-3:30 I nap! (Almost everyday! It's like a "reset" button on the computer...if I don't do it I go a little haywire later in the day!)

3:30-4:30-- check emails, read blogs, blog myself.

4:30 The girls are both up!

5:30-6:30 Run out to a dentist appointment WITH Ava (our almost 3 yr. old). She asked to come and I figure its good exposure for her. She is actually very good and very interested. It's really cute.

7:00 Eat dinner and feel exhausted! Hang out with the girls...I'm sitting in a chair and they're crawling on me. It's all I got at this point...sleeping jungle gym...I like this game!

8:00 I actually tell Scott I need to get out of the house. Some pants need to be picked up from the mall (I had them hemmed). He just laughs at me...the house is a wreck, it's bedtime...but I really can't do it anymore tonight! I go to the mall feeling slightly guilty for leaving him in a lurch...but he's a great guy and really ok with it. He pours himself a big glass of wine and winks at me on my way out the door!

8:15-9:30 I pick up my pants and then run over to Macy's. Try on pants and shirts. Still trying to figure out what fits this mommy some "skinny" jeans and a sweater...there really is such a thing as retail therapy. I needed something mindless to do!

9:30 Get home. Help Scott clean up a bit. My living room clean-up for the evening is to throw EVERYTHING on the floor into a laundry basket and then stick it behind the couch. Out of sight, out of mind!

10:30 crawl into bed and read current book club book, Redeeming Love (by Francine Rivers). Never thought I was a fan of Christian fiction until this book. It is quite good!

11:15 lights out.

That's it...a sort of typical day. Head  on over to Kelly's Korner and you can click on links to lots of other mommies blogs to read their schedule's too!

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