Saturday, March 20

Weekend Wrap Up

Wow, it's been a crazy, nutty, event filled week. 

I don't have any one thing to say today, because, quite frankly, it's been such a nutty week that there is not any one thing that really has been the focus...just a lot of random things. 

The two (or three, depending on how you want to categorize) things that happened this week:

1. On Tuesday evening I set out on a 3.5 mile run (because I am little writer and runner momma these days)...only to somehow trip on completely dry, flat pavement, roll my ankle and have to hobble a mile back home and watch my ankle swell to an enormous size.  I'll spare you all of the details and I definitely did NOT take pictures, but I took a lot of ibuprofen, iced, rested, borrowed crutches and prayed. I'm happy to report that not even a week later it is still black and blue, but I'm back on it and feel like I'll be ready to run again in a couple of days! 

Ava is so cute...every morning when she wakes up she says, "Mommy, is your ankle feeling better?" and when I left for the gym this morning she said, "Mommy, can you not fall and hurt your ankle again." 

Sure thing babe. Hoping not to do that again! 

All that to say, God sends answers to prayers in funny ways.  I was praying for God to open up some time for me this week. HA, he did! I was forced to sit and rest all day Wednesday. My hubby helped out, and my mom came over and I had a little extra time to write and rest. 

Which leads me to event #2...

2. I published 2 articles this week! Yeah! 

The first was on a web site called Buffalo Rising. I met up with one of the co-foudners last week and chatted about how I'd love to write about non-profit stuff going on in the Buffalo area and so he sent along a lead about this community art project and I got to write it up. Pretty straight forward, but exciting for me (here is the article if you want to check it out).

Then, an essay I wrote a while back ran in The Buffalo News this week (Some of my facebook friends know this already, so sorry to be was just really exciting). It was just a one time thing. They're starting a new section in the paper where a different woman each week will write an essay about their life experiences and I happened to touch base with the editor around the time she was getting ready to roll this out so she said I could give it a shot. 

Here is the funny thing...I thought it was going to be placed in the back pages somewhere with a tiny little black and white head shot and this is what I found when I grabbed my paper this morning...

Yup, that's me on the front page...and...

Yup, that's me again on the front page of the Life & Arts section...

So, not to be my own horn tooter here, but it was just really funny to see this picture so BIG when I was expecting a little tiny b &w headshot buried away somewhere.

Ava thinks it's hilarious that mommy's picture is in the paper too! 

So, anyway...I have to say God does cool stuff when you start to ask. I hadn't prayed about my writing life FOREVER because I just figured God knew what I was hoping for...but recently I started praying for open doors and wisdom and He has opened some!! Pretty cool. 

Tomorrow I'm going to share with you a story about a writing conference I really want to attend and a contest to win a scholarship for it...and Monday, Denise from Run DMT is going to be here to share some thoughts about fitting in time for running...and it's a darn good thing 'cause with my bum ankle I don't have many words of wisdom to share for my 1/2 marathon friends this week! 

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  1. Woohoo! I hadn't seen the Buffalo News in paper since we only get it on Sundays and they didn't have it online... but I absolutely LOVE the photos!! How neat is that? It's like finding your name amidst all sorts of other random words somewhere, ya know? It's also cute that your girls can have something so tangible to be proud of their mom... the article, the ankle, the marathon. You're such a great mom. Thanks for giving us SAHMs a voice! :)

    Also, THANK YOU for the Motherhood DVD! I got in the mail today - you're so sweet! I can't wait to watch it... and then pass it onto Ellen to watch, too. Thanks for sharin' the love!


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